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Now We Know How Many Holes It Takes To Fill The White House Halls

One of the most contemptible lies to pollute the public discourse in recent years has been the putrefying fiction that the election of Barack Obama as president signaled the end of racism in the United States.

This dung oozed out everywhere. Rinse Pubis, for instance, a racist who is currently serving as chief of staff to the racist Resident Trayf, twitted, back in 2013, while chairman of the Republican National muslim-woman-crying-6Committee, a racist hate group: “Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in ending racism.”

Everywhere, on “left” and on “right,” we were ceaselessly, nauseatingly told, that “just a few,” “not many,” “declining numbers” of Americans, are racists.

Then, the Americans went and elected as president, a damnable, provable, life-long, howling racist, who rocketed to political fame and fortune peddling the monstrous racist lie that Barack Obama is a filthy African interloper not even an American.

Every day of his endless campaign racism vomited forth from the mouth of this man. It was not possible to not know what he was. A rotten, despicable racist. It was, therefore, not possible to vote for him, unless you, too, were a rotten, despicable racist.

And so. At last. We have baseline numbers. Up against this putrid canard that the Americans are not racist. Some 62,979,879 people voted for The Monster. This means, at minimum, there are 62,979,879 racists, in the United States.

Shouts At Cloud Son Lost At Sea

On Sunday a son of Old Man Shouts At Cloud, Young Man Murmurs At Cloud, had himself a belly full of Mellow Yellow‘s neverending song of love for Vlad The Impaler, and so took to his twit machine:

My nation of laws just got compared to one that murders journalists that don’t fall in line and kills political opposition. Awesome……….

Grunting, hooting MongoRoids, together with trolling Russian troglodytes, immediately commenced the St. Vitus Dance.

Murmurs At Cloud then retreated the tweet, and wrote:

I don’t want to cause a fuss.

I just need to go back to tweeting about why I love Air Tractors.

Shortly after that, he mccainsdisappeared.

“We believe he was thrown overboard,” The Gargoyle smirked Wednesday morning.

Men in the Shouts At Cloud family have served in the United States Navy since before there was water. Old Man Shouts At Cloud’s grandfather and father were admirals; Shouts At Cloud became a naval pilot, who initially specialized in crash-landings and colliding with power lines. Eventually he was shot down over Vietnam, then interned for more than five years in prison camps in and around Hanoi.

Mongo did not serve in the military. It was determined that multiple anal cysts in his mouth rendered him unfit for service. While Shouts At Cloud was being tortured, so severely that today he cannot raise his hands above his head, Mongo was stateside, ordering black people out of his housing developments, sucking up to the mob, and merrily breeding daughters so he could fuck them.

Young Man Murmurs At Cloud followed the family tradition, serving as a Navy helicopter pilot. That is, until he went missing.

“We believe that shipmates working to make America great again determined that Murmurs At Cloud had violated the prime directive, and thus escorted him off the vessel,” Cabbage Breath stated at a Wednesday morning press briefing. Because “there was no land available at the time,” Cabbage Breath said, the MongoRoids “put him into the water.”

Murmurs At Cloud was not provided with any sort of watercraft or flotation device, Cabbage Breath said, “because it was decided that would be a waste of valuable military resources. I mean, this is a guy who was just going to get captured someday war-duckanyway. It’s in the genes. And, you know, nits make lice.”

When asked, Cabbage Breath described “the prime directive,” which he said was violated by Young Man Murmurs At Cloud, as “worshipping Mongo, at all times, in word and deed.” People who violate this directive, Breath said, “deserve to drown.”

Contacted while roasting a Mexican over an open flame, Mongo said “I could give no shits” that Young Man Murmurs At Cloud had been declared lost at sea. “Why should I?” he shrugged. “Shouts at Cloud has said mean things about me, and also about Vlad. As far as I’m concerned, all his children can drown.”

“I hear they tossed some rubber ducks out there; maybe he can grab one of those,” Mongo added. He then invited the reporters—drawn exclusively from the ranks of Breitbart, Fox, Stormfront, and Sputnik—to return later that evening, “when we’ll be grilling some Muslims. It’ll be tremendous, beautiful, the best. Bring the kids.”

Doctor No

The Twitler administration has mounted a vigorous defense of its ban on travel from seven majority-Muslim nations, saying it is necessary to prevent terrorists from entering the United States. But the ban, now blocked by a federal judge, also ensnared travelers important to the well-being of many Americans: doctors.

Foreign-born physicians have become crucial to the delivery of medical care in the United States. They work in small towns where there are no other doctors, in poor urban neighborhoods and in Veterans Affairs hospitals.

Forty-two percent of office visits in rural America are with 3aa2fd7700000578-3958970-image-a-1_1479772495452foreign-born physicians, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Across the United States, more than 15,000 doctors are from the seven Muslim-majority countries covered by the travel ban, according to The Medicus Firm, a firm that recruits doctors for hard-to-fill jobs. That includes almost 9,000 from Iran, almost 3,500 from Syria and more than 1,500 from Iraq.

Dr. Hooman Parsi, an oncologist so talented that he has an O-1 visa granted to individuals with “extraordinary ability or achievement,” was to start seeing patients on Wednesday in San Bernardino, Calif.

A federal judge in Seattle lifted the administration’s travel ban on Friday, and a federal appeals court has declined to restore it. Yet Dr. Parsi is still stuck in Iran, waiting for a delayed visa amid the confusion while his American employer fumes.

“We need him desperately,” said Dr. Richy Agajanian, the managing partner of the Oncology Institute of Hope and Innovation, which had just hired him. “We had an office completely constructed—we spent three months on it, and it was supposed to open Feb. 1. Now we can’t open it. This is really sad and frustrating.”


So He No Longer Needs To Hide

In her Senate confirmation hearing, [Resident Trayf’s education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos] responded to a question about compliance with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) by saying, “I think that is a matter that’s best left to the states.” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) pressed her: “So some states might be good to kids with disabilities and other states might not be so good, and then what? People can just move around the country if they don’t like how their kids are being treated?” DeVos repeated: “I think that’s an issue that’s best left to the states.”

In a follow-up letter, she wrote—after no doubt doing some homework—that she is “committed to enforcing all federal laws and protecting imrs-1-phpthe hard-won rights to students with disabilities.” And yet she went on to praise a voucher program that incidentally requires families to give up special education due-process rights they are given under the IDEA law.

As we learned while living as American expats in Asia, when decisions about special education are unregulated or left to “choice,” students and their families can end up with few viable options.

My son was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder in July, during a trip to the United States that included ice cream with cousins, hiking a mountain and four days of neuropsychological testing. In the parlance of American educators and psychologists, he is “twice exceptional”—intellectually gifted but impaired by developmental, social and behavioral disabilities. The diagnosis was no surprise; we knew this long before professionals provided a label for his idiosyncratic behaviors. His toddler vocabulary included words like “momentum.” At 7, he concluded that time travel is possible by extrapolating the speed of light. He “takes pictures” with his mind and solves math problems by “seeing numbers.” And yet the commotion and noise of public places can destabilize him. His brain, body and nervous system are in perpetual overdrive, flooding his system with the stress of “fight or flight” impulses.

The neuropsychologist asked us how soon we could move back to the States.


I Feel It In The Water

I Could Feel What Was Happening Around Me

Strawberry Fields Forever

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, head coach Bill Belichick, and team owner Robert Kraft stunned the nation Sunday when they took the field before Super Bowl LI, ran out to the 50-yard-line, stripped off all their clothes, kneeled, and bowed their heads to the turf.

“We humbly beg forgiveness,” they said in unison. “For we supported Hitler.”

They then rose to their feet, and directed the strawberry_fields_forever_by_olenka168-d6uzcivcrowd to follow them in a march on the White House.

“We are Patriots,” they said. “And it’s time we started acting like it.”

As the stadium emptied, the crowd moving slowly, but determinedly, on the long walk from Houston to the White House, millions more, from across the nation, joined in.

When they all reached the White House, the place was empty.

Belichick began designing plans to hold new elections as soon as practicable.

Kraft announced that in the meantime Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca would serve as acting president. “She is the sort of person this country needs,” he said.

Brady ate a strawberry. And then another. And another. And another.

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