Roll Tide


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    • 2 bluenred December 18, 2017 at 6:32 am

      Did you see that gap-toothed ass Cornel West blowing envious chunks all over Ta-Nehisi Coates in the Guardian? His fellow blubbering fraud Tavis Smiley recently went into the penis prison; pray god that, or something else, soon shuts West up. West can no longer write or think, so he stains the nation screaming at those who can.

      West became forever an irrelevant embarrassment in this moment:

      “I couldn’t get a ticket for my mother and my brother,” West said. “We drive into the hotel and the guy who picks up my bags from the hotel has a ticket to the inauguration. My mom says, ‘That’s something that this dear brother can get a ticket and you can’t get one, honey, all the work you did for him from Iowa.’” Thus the left-wing critic found it unjust that the workingman and not the professor had a ticket to the inauguration. Only in a world where bankers and other fat cats greedily gobble rewards meant for everyday citizens would such a reversal appear unfair. J.P. Morgan might have been mad; Karl Marx would have been ecstatic.

      When West slobbered all over Mongo as an “authentic human being,” it was clear he needed to be placed in a Facility.

      Like the brown clowns at Black Agenda Report, all West does these days is provide melanin cover for racist white “lefties.”

      • 3 janis December 18, 2017 at 11:14 pm

        Interestingly, the Coltrane piece “Alabama” I responded with came directly from the collision of having just watched a very well done documentary on Coltrane, and the reading of your post. Cornel West was a generous and insightful contributor to the documentary. So I am a feeling a little torn between your estimation of him and my more immediate experience. I’ll take some time to digest and consider.

        • 4 bluenred December 19, 2017 at 5:24 am

          There are no coincidences.

          If West was once Tyson in his glory, he is Tyson, too, in his infamy. Once great, once dominant, once feared, he is now a faint echo of himself. Like Iron Mike, West is given to biting our ears with personal attacks rather than bending our minds with fresh and powerful scholarship. Like Tyson, he is given to making cameos.

          Did you see study number eleventy-billion-and-seven proving that those who voted for the “authentic human being” of Mongo did so because Mongo is a racist, hating people like Coltrane, and so are they? This one showing white millenials who voted Mongo did so because they got little white woodys listening to his out, proud, explicit, incessant racism.

        • 5 bluenred December 19, 2017 at 5:59 pm

          Nazi Richard Spencer thinks Brother West is right on.

          West can scream, but he sure can’t read.

          When West is asked about Coates’ new book We Were Eight Years in Power, he says sharply: “Who’s the ‘we?’ When’s the last time he’s been through the ghetto, in the hoods, to the schools and indecent housing and mass unemployment? We were in power for eight years? My God. Maybe he and some of his friends might have been in power, but not poor working people.” (Cornel West is a professor at Harvard.)

          This response indicates that West did not read the book because, just by scanning its first page, he would have known the title refers to a statement made by a black Reconstruction-era South Carolina congressman, Thomas Miller. The concept, which West should have given a little more consideration even if he disagreed with it, is this: Whenever blacks show they can rule, white supremacists freak out and do everything they can to bury the evidence of “Good Negro Government.” Obama was “not a revolutionary.” His drones certainly killed thousands of innocent people. He did little to change the bonus culture of Wall Street. Nevertheless, many whites saw his presidency as an abomination: a black man governing the US well by conventional standards. This is one of the themes Coates explores in his book. It’s not so much about a fear of a black planet, but the fear of Good Negro Government.

        • 6 bluenred December 19, 2017 at 6:30 pm

          West is simply a liar.

          He projectile-vomits endlessly that Coates is “neoliberal”; here is how he elsewhere defines it:

          Well, “neoliberal” is somebody of any color who sees a social problem and does three things; privatize, financialize and militarize.

          Coates does none of those things.

          There is additionally this delicious problem:

          West’s characterization of Coates’ work is valid only to those who misunderstand the entire meaning of neoliberalism. In fact, West’s philosophy of intertwining Wall Street, patriarchy and economic inequality is the basis of neoliberal thought.

          Finally, as Harriot bluntly says:

          There are many people who believe that focusing on race actually creates divisiveness, even when incontrovertible facts are included in the dialogue. They believe that the subject of white supremacy must be made palatable for the practitioners of the art of racism, and pointing it out loudly and without nuance makes talking about race myopic and devoid of hope.

          Fuck those people.

          • 7 janis December 19, 2017 at 9:16 pm

            I’ve only listened to Cornel West speak a few times. What I heard I generally identified with, but I found it difficult to listen much because of his overly-animated delivery. I also haven’t read his books or his other commentary. His commentary in the Coltrane documentary though was very insightful and understanding. He spoke of his felt experience listening to Coltrane, and not of himself or politicising anything. After reading the Dyson piece I understand his character better. It’s a bit disheartening, but adds more dimension to the person.

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