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There’s An Echo In Here

The big news here is that at my friend’s work the bosses bought a bunch of Echoes from Bezos thinking they would be useful for the employees. But that didn’t work out. The employees then took them home, but got frustrated with them there, too, and so returned them to the office, where they were sitting forlorn in a box. I told her if I had one I would prod it into sentience by asking it questions like “what kind of fool am I?” and “how many roads must a man walk down, before they call him a man?” and then, once the light clicked on, I would use it to determine the answers to the Real questions, like “where is the nearest time tunnel?” and “how can Mongo be stopped?” My friend was tickled by that, and so she went to retrieve one from the office, to give to me, but apparently one of her coworkers had sold them all to buy drugs. So she ordered me a new one from Bezos and it arrived yesterday afternoon. It is all rainy here today, and so after I get done with a lawyer I am going to activate it, and see if I can get it to levitate by the end of the day.


Why, When I Encounter MongoRoid Apologists Wringing Hands About White “Economic Anxiety,” I Vomit

Everyone knows that wealth is unequally distributed. But the magnitude of the gap between white and black Americans is on a different scale. White households own, on average, seven times as much wealth as African-American households (and six times as much as Latino ones). The Forbes 100 billionaires are collectively as rich as all black Americans combined. At current growth rates, it would take black Americans two hundred and twenty-eight years to have as much wealth as white Americans have today.

James Suroweicki

Boy Roy

On Monday night, Ms. Abney said she recalled Mr. Moore, the embattled Republican Senate candidate, being a regular presence in the mid-1980s at the YMCA.

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