The Night The Lights Went Out

I was in email communication with several humans on November 8, 2016, a day which will live in infamy, the night the lights went out, when 62,979,879 grunting, hooting MongoRoids drug knuckles out of every haint and holler to Make America White Again, plunging the nation into darkness.

Because everyone is of course eager to relive that catastrophe, I thought I would here retrieve my correspondence and present it chronologically, unfold again the premier horror show of our time, far worse than anything unnamed-7penned by Lovecraft, Poe, King, combined.

Like all horror stories, it starts out sunny. And then, The Monster wakes.

What a complete prick:

At an airport rally in Minneapolis, Trump said Minnesota had suffered a “disaster” as tens of thousands of Somali immigrants, some of them war refugees, had settled in the state over the last few decades.
“To be a rich nation, we must also be a safe nation, and you know what’s going on there,” he told the crowd. “Oh, Minnesota. Oh, Minnesota. You know what’s going on. You know what I’m talking about. Do you know what I’m talking about? Oh, be politically correct. Just nod. Quietly nod. The whole world knows what’s happening in Minnesota.”
Trump then criticized Hillary Clinton for supporting the admission of Syrian refugees to the United States, drawing a roar of boos for his Democratic rival.
“She wants virtually unlimited immigration and refugee admissions from the most dangerous regions of the world to come into our country, and to come into Minnesota, and you know better than anybody,” he said. “Her plan will import generations of terrorism, extremism and radicalism into your schools and throughout your communities. You already have it. When I’m elected president, we will suspend the Syrian refugee program and we will keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country.”
Trump said Minnesota had seen first-hand the problems caused by “faulty refugee vetting, with large numbers of Somali refugees coming into your state without your knowledge, without your support or approval.”
Offering no evidence, Trump said some Somali refugees in Minnesota had joined the Islamic State terrorist group and spread “their extremist views all over our country and all over the world.”
“Honestly, it’s hard to believe,” he said. “Everybody’s reading about the disaster taking place in Minnesota. You don’t even have the right to talk about it. You don’t even know who’s coming in. You have no idea. You’ll find out.”
Very soon now, and he will go back into his crypt. The brown people, the black people, the women, the people whose backs he walked on to try to reach the White House, they are taking him down.

Asked if there was anything in particular that drove him to the polls in West Tampa, Fla., on Sunday, Oscar Diaz, 44, a maintenance worker with Puerto Rican roots, said simply, “Trump’s big mouth.”
Ralat-Albernas, a 62-year-old registered nurse of Puerto Rican descent, said she has spent days knocking on doors, canvassing neighborhoods, attesting to the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and proclaiming the threat posed by Trump to millions of undocumented immigrants.
“When he insulted Mexicans, he was insulting all of us,” said Ralat-Albernas, referring to Trump’s description of Mexican immigrants as rapists.
Likely when the data come out tomorrow, more Hispanics will have voted early in Florida than all Hispanics voted in 2012
I wish you could all be in Arizona to see thousands of teachers, carpenters, metal workers, moms + dads going door to door for HRC today.
Who will be the person to tell Trump that Hispanics are building a wall of votes to keep him out of the White House?
Trump has almost no path w/out NV. He can say whatever he wants in Reno, but he made his own bed when he announced his candidacy.
Remember when Donald Trump called Mexicans criminals and rapists on June 16th, 2015? Mexicans didn’t forget.
The pope—a brown person—speaks about the danger of building walls to keep people out, and warns against “false prophets that exploit fear.”
It will soon be over now. I am with billmon:

As disillusioned & cynical as I am about USA, even I’m still a little astonished it produced a candidate so thoroughly monstrous & vile. Hating Pizza Rat with intensity of a thousand suns and having to root (with clenched teeth) for Hillary to win is really wearing me down. Really want this to be over so Trump won’t be on TV blowing out my blood pressure 24/7 & I can go back to despising the Clintons in peace.

Found in a tube:
This pretty much captures how any sane person is feeling right now:
“There’s a . . .Trump . . . on the . . . wing! A Trump . . . on . . . the wing!”
Psychic Scottish goat predicts Clinton victory.
Saturday in the store I found some 1940s SF book I’d never heard of, The Incomplete Enchanter, about Science Men who are befuddled to discover neighboring universes in which magic is real and works. I look forward to reading it, once The Monster is returned to his tower, and I am no longer rhythmically dragged into some tube or some phone call, to reassure someone that he will not become the president, and retrovert all the women and people of color back to the early 1930s.
Even when The Monster is returned to his tower, his spawn and spore, emboldened and energized by him, will haunt this land.
Ahead of Trump’s visit to Sterling Heights, Mich., the city’s Muslims are bracing themselves for the arrival of a candidate who has pledged to bar Muslims from entering the country.
“It is unnerving to have him here, so close,” Syed Razvi said as he left Saturday evening prayers at the American Muslim Diversity Association mosque. “Before Trump’s candidacy, if you meet anybody around here, no problem. Now everybody’s like: ‘Oh, you’re a Muslim.'”
And that is why all those who supported, enabled, equated, excused, dismissed, minimized him, will not be forgiven. They will exude a powerful stench, until the day they die.
On the radio Ann Coulter just said The Monster will take Oregon. She needs to go into a Clinic.
That fuckin’ playdough face on Fox has had to retract all his lies about the Clinton server being hacked and her facing indictment.
The wikileaks sterno drinkers are now so round the bend they’re claiming Podesta & Co. are blood- and sperm-drinking satanists.
AP has proved definitively that the latest Mrs. Monster worked in the US before she was legally able to do so. No one is paying much attention to this, but, as one wit put it, according to The Monster’s own plans and mouthings, “I guess if Trump wins he must deport his own wife, and she goes to the back of the line.”
Nobody’s paying attention either to the fact that The Monster’s buddies at the National Enquirer bought off a woman to prevent her from spilling the beans on how she for months fucked The Monster while The Monster was married to the third Mrs. Monster.
Seems The Monster killed his campaign the day he announced. Hispanics are voting in record numbers everywhere. That’s the way it should be. The fitting end to the story. (play little video here) Blacks and women don’t want him, either. Only white men without a college degree want him. The bane of humanity. I can say that, because I’m one myself.
Pregnant Colorado woman stops by polling place, to vote against The Monster, before giving birth to daughter.
It may be The Monster will be declared slain before you even leave work. I’ll let you know.

I am confident that with a Monster presidency nothing would improve for those who need it to. He represents all that is worst in the Americans, in humanity as a whole. He has not a single redeeming feature. Even that “positive” cited by HRC in the debate—his children—that was a lie. For his children—Qusay, Uday, Lolita—are arrogant, grasping, conscienceless pigs. Just as is he. He is a Monster.

Billmon wrote last night:

In the end, there was only one campaign promise Hillary Clinton had to make to earn my vote: the promise not to be Donald Trump. And, while this may be naive on my part, it’s also one campaign promise I’m confident she will keep.

You know all those studies over which there is the white-people hand-wringing, because parents therein say they believe life in America will be worse for their children, than it was for them? That is true only for white people. In such surveys, black and brown parents consistently say they believe life will be better for their children, than it was for them. And they’re right. So long as the Monsters, can be kept at bay.
The brown people are going to come out in massive numbers. People will be shocked. The brown people are not going to let this nation be Monstered. They are sending him to Hell.

Ralston just twitted, out of Nevada:

They just extended voting hours at a Mexican supermarket to 10 PM. Close to 1,000 voters in line. If you have a panic button GOP, find it.


“We will not turn people away,” Election Dept spox tells me, saying voting places will stay open as long as it takes.

Ralston revises The Monster’s announcement speech:

“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, will stop me from being president.”

The Nevada GOP chair is a racist rat bastard who at a Monster rally tonight whined and sniveled that the polls stayed open last night so “a certain group” could vote.

Billmon: “Quite literally essence of herrenvolk democracy: Elections won by the untermenschen are illegitimate, deprive the volk of its freedom. I have no idea how the GOP can deal with this. A fundamental, bedrock cultural assumption of its base: non-white voting is illegitimate.”

Guy writes today: “The conservative intelligentsia is right about one thing. Trump is not a committed ideologue but a grifter who decided to use their voters for his own ends. Trump grasped from the outset that the birther issue gave him a connection to the Republican electorate. The conservative intelligentsia ignored the birthers, the freaks, and the transparent racists because they were embarrassing. It was far more flattering and heroic to imagine the whole thing was about the Constitution. The con artist swindled the perfect mark.”
Billmon says more bluntly: “For GOP, ‘Southern Strategy,’ & later Reagan Dems, were = of barbarian mercenaries. Solved a problem. Now they’re the problem. White backlash on bath salts.”
Ruby, 80-year-old woman born in Jim Crow Arkansas, required two trips to the DMV and a court order, before she could vote in Madison, Wisconsin today, against The Monster.

It’s alright to be a freaker-out; you’re hardly alone. I know somebody who doesn’t even really like politics, who is home sick for a second day, & says it was probably brought on by election stress.

I am refusing to succumb to the glum. I am making positive pictures.

Fuck the “shy Trump voters”; we have “hidden brown lady voters,” and they are going to Win.
Here’s the latest piece saying the “shy Trump voter” is just shit made up.
At this link is a recent 9-minute audio interview with Tony Kushner, the playwright who created Angels in America. He talks of Roy Cohn, and Cohn’s protegé, The Monster, and concludes that of the two Cohn was probably the “finer person.” Kushner is premiering a play in London, but he is flying back to the US for election day, to volunteer to drive people to the polls. There are just too many good people, like this man, like the abuelas in Arizona, like the Consuelas in Florida, for The Monster to survive.
Though the brown people are coming out in unimagined numbers, it has to be accepted that The Monster will bring to the polls a certain number of crackers, creeping out of the haints and the hollows to vote, where they’ve never voted before, because never before has a major candidate been since an out racist asshole.
The Monster cannot even trust that his own wife will vote for him. Has to peek.unnamed-2
Same with the Monster’s son. Also has to peek. Can’t trust these wimmins. They are voting in record numbers. Against The Monster.
On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump descended the escalators of Trump Tower and called us criminals and rapists. I remember feeling so helpless. His comments were racist, but many were too afraid to say so. Worse yet, others thought it was just a joke. But it was never funny to us. Trump continued his attacks against us for 16 mos. We warned all along we should not stay silent. We would fight back, but with our votes. Now it appears that the very group Donald Trump initially maligned—Latinos—could be the ones to wall him off from the Presidency.

In ritzy Coral Gables, Maria Ballaster, a 60-year-old Cuban American who has always voted Republican reflected on why she had just split her ballot—sticking with her party’s nominee for the US Senate, Marco Rubio, while casting a vote for Clinton.

“I trust Rubio, but I don’t trust Mr. Crazy,” Ballaster said.

Ana Navarro: “I was not born in Mexico. I am not of Mexican descent. But I knew he was also talking about me.”

He woke up the brown people. Voting in unprecedented numbers. He killed his campaign that first time he opened his mouth. With his racist, libelous swill.

Also, the wimmins—they really don’t want him.
In preliminary exit polls according to our partners at ABC News, voters were more scared by the thought of a Trump presidency than a Clinton one. Women, especially, expressed fear at the thought of unnamed-8President Trump.
Early-voting numbers show that women’s share of the electorate has surged—by several percentage points compared to 2012, according to Drew Brighton of the voting-data firm TargetSmart. According to the firm’s breakdown of 46.3 million early votes, 56 percent were cast by women—consistent with earlier reports of big turnout among women. And that proportion was about the same across just about every age group, as well as among both women who are newly registered and those who’ve been on the rolls for longer.
A brown lady who works in a Monster hotel:

She pulls into the employee parking lot of the gold hotel, set aglow now by the unsparing morning sun. Searching for a parking spot, she passes other women, many of them also in black and gray tunics, hurrying toward the service entrance.

Soon she is heading for the same door, one more guest room attendant who wears a back brace while cleaning rooms for a presidential candidate whose name is on the bathrobes she stocks, on the empty wine bottles she collects, on her name tag.

He will receive her labor, but not her vote.

102-year-old Honduran woman becomes citizen, to vote, to stop The Monster.

Jeebus bless the brown people, the black people, the yellow & red people, the women. Now, if we can just get the uneducated white males to stop dragging their friggin’ knuckles along the ground, maybe we can get somewhere.
I just heard him on the radio, with Sean Klannity. He sounded wistful. Defeated. As well he should.
Huge numbers of Asians and Jews coming out to reject The Monster too. They know what all that deportation shit is about. And they’re not having it. Not for anybody.
White males have always had it so soft. They have no idea. What it’s like.

Duckworth beats the racist rat bastard who slurred her Thainess.

Goddam cracker banjo-fucking droolers crawling out of the swamps to keep Florida too close.

The Monster is also outperforming Romney among the freakin’ sheet-wearers in Virginia.

They’re saying white suburban stepford units with a college degree might have gone to The Monster there in Florida at higher rates than expected. I’m listening to commie KGO radio election coverage out of SF, and a guy just said, “well, that’s Florida colleges.”

I was shocked to learn that over 60% of Florida people are white. They have no business being there. That is the Caribbean. They need to go to Utah, or Appalachia, or something.

White people need to be only 38% of the population, in all the states, like here in California. Where, for US Senate tonight, we have a contest between two Democrats: a black/Indian woman, and a Latina.
I remember how that rat bastard Pete Wilson rode into the California governorship behind his Monster-like Prop. 187, which built up and played on fear of Mexicans & other (brown) immigrants, and would have deprived even Mexican & other brown children of school and medical care and welfare and the like. And he was elected, and 187 passed. But 187 never went into effect, was struck down by a federal court, and, then, quietly, over the next two decades, Wilson’s Republican Party was completely destroyed in this state. It will never come back. And people of Mexican heritage are today in control of the state legislature. Because the brown people were humiliated, by Wilson and his 187. And they then, quietly, worked to make sure such would never happen again. So quietly did they work, that the bad white people here, most didn’t know they had been overcome, until after it happened.
Worst-case scenario: our Governor, Jerry Brown, has said that if The Monster were to win, he would erect a wall around California, to keep out The Monster, and all of his works. In that event, you and yours will in this state be granted political asylum. You will just have to find some way to get through the regions controlled by The Monster’s people, to reach here. There will have to be, like, a new Underground Railroad.

It’s embarrassing that it’s this close. But I always said this was the last throes of the white people. And they’re going down hard, and slow. Coming in out of every haint and holler.

It doesn’t help that The Monster’s opponent is a tired old retread.

Why wasn’t it you? The nation hasn’t had to endure 30 years of slow-motion scandals from you. Including impeaching your husband’s penis.

And you meanwhile haven’t gibbered on about “the blacks,” grabbed anyone’s pussy, slurred any dead military Muslims, called all Mexicans rapists and drug dealers, slavered to torture and to wipe out people’s families, etc. etc.
You would have won in a walk.
Florida is ruining everything. Again. If he would just lost that, we’d be in the clear.
They’re still counting the brown people votes down there, but exit poll says only 34% of whites voted for Clinton in Florida. God damn them.
Everywhere, everywhere in the country, every Bob Ewell two-bit ignorant peckerwood is leaving off fucking his daughter long enough to creep out of every haint and holler to shamble to the polls and there vote for their fellow daughter-fucker, The Monster.
They’re counteracting the brown & the black & the red & the yellow & the wimmin people.
It is so embarrassing. That it is this close.
He can’t win. He just can’t. The people of this country, they just can’t be. This bad.
Asian woman just twitted:
These are the longest hours.

That solid red stripe in the middle of the country you saw, from North Dakota to Texas, all red, with “all the cat shooters and Nascar watchers,” that red stripe is like the black road in the Amber books.

There is a Latino man I’ve been reading who says that The Monster’s wall is at root all about walling off “the evolving of America.” And that is true. It is the white men wanting to hang on to what they had for so long: total power. That battle is already lost, it is inevitable that the country will evolve, that the power will disperse, and even the white men will be happier in that, in the evolved world, but they are fighting so hard, against it.
It’s shameful. It’s retarding us all.
They just called Florida for The Monster. All the work of all those brown people. But exit poll says only 34% of whites voted for Clinton in Florida. God damn them.
The last throes of the white men. Going down hard, going down slow.

How to think about this election: white working class voters just decided to vote like a minority group. They’re >40% of the electorate.

Whitest U.S. counties are voting for Trump by an astonishing and unprecedented margin.

God. Damn. White people.

Now it’s Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Iowa, Colorado, Maine, New Hampshire, etc. Should never have been this close.
Bane of humanity. Baning.

billmon, who’s been silent for nearly three hours:

We’re heading for a razor close finish, possibly a photo finish in VA, NC, NH. God help us all.

Michigan: 80% white people. Jeebus Christie. It will come down to how many are woke.
A lot of Detroit still to come in. And almost nothing from Ann Arbor. Where The Monster loses 2-1.
Among the many things for which I shall never forgive The Monster, is that he is making me sit here rooting so hard for a Clinton.
No one really wanted her. There was no enthusiasm.

This country is crazy. Worse: mean. Nasty. Vile.
Last-throes white people. Ready, willing, drooling, to lash out, at all and every.
They’re worse than even we thought.

It’s over. He’s the president.

And I don’t live in this universe.
We live. In occupied territory.

He is an actual, literal fascist.

He, The Monster, is a would-be wall against evolution. The evolving of the nation, from a white-man preserve, to a black/brown/red/yellow/min/wimmins, all as one, world.
But all walls, spring leaks.
And he, is already over. It is just a matter of waiting, for the time, to catch up.
But the Americans, they could have saved themselves, so much pain.
But the humans. So often. They will not learn. But the hard way.
They are damned. The Americans. And I damn them.
God. Damn. Them.

He could smell them. The racists, the retroverts. All and everywhere. In his beyond-the-boundaries, foul and filthy, verbal eruptions, he brought them out. Encouraged, empowered them.

He brought them out. For their last throes.
And, as I said, everyone, who supported, enabled, excused, justified, equated, minimized this Monster, will have to live with the stench of their rot, and for the rest of their lives.
She was an old tired retread white woman, with the stench of corruption about her, of a family dynasty (Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Clinton: what is this, 14th Century France?), boring and uninspiring, who offered no reason to vote for her other than that she wasn’t The Monster, and it was “her turn”: “eight years of Bill, eight years of Hill.” People didn’t come out to vote for her because she gave them no reason to.

Pro-Kremlin talking head Sergei Markov: I don’t think Russia interfered in the election. But maybe we helped a bit with Wikileaks.

Imagine my surprise. Still, amusing, in light of all the useful idiots who, though they believe the US capable of all and every evil, scream till their lips bleed that Russia is capable of none.

You were right to be worried. I was a fool.

I’m sorry.
Denise says:
Time to wake up, you white people of good faith.
Look in the mirror.
See Amerikkka for what it is without the gloss.
See something black folks have been trying to tell you.
It’s not “populism” or “economic anxiety.”
Call it by name — White Supremacy.
I thought the black and brown firewall, with a little help from our white friends would hold back the tide.
I was wrong. My bad.
All those women and brown people and black people who tried so hard. Only to go from the nation’s first black president, to a president endorsed by the KKK. The white people are so filthy. It’s so bad.
I can’t read or hear or look at any news. Maybe I’ll go into a monastery.

I for sure need to find a new line of work. Because we will not be having criminal-defense attorneys anymore. From now on, when a cop arrests someone, it is because that person is of course guilty, and so the cop will then decide the punishment. No prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation officers, courts, judges—all that swill. Person goes straight from cop to prison guard. Or to the boneyard.

Your job is over too. From now on, you will be teaching “History Of The Bible,” “Women Should Dress Modestly,” and “The Wit And Wisdom Of Pat Boone.” All your lesbians are going into concentration camps. Your Bowie memorabilia will be seized as an enemy of the state. Taco trucks have already been decreed “enemy combatants.”
Alex Jones will be appointed head of FEMA. Milo Yiannopoulos shall be elevated to the Supreme Court, to replace Scalia. David Duke will head up the Civil Rights Commission.
Cue the music.

“The American people have had enough,” said 54-year-old Saratoga resident and out-of-work auto mechanic John Cagliostro, who celebrated Tuesday night at Trump’s Santa Clara County headquarters in Sunnyvale. “All the illegal aliens are coming in and taking my job from me and they’re voting Democratic because they’re getting free government cheese.”
“Millions of immigrants who’ve shed blood & tears to be a part of this nation are more American than the millions who voted to kick them out. I am a part of this nation. Your hatred doesn’t change one bit of that. It’s no coincidence this nation went from a Black President to a President endorsed wholeheartedly by the KKK. I still believe in this country, even if it doesn’t believe in me right now.”
Somebody said they were at least glad the campaign is over. No. I would rather the campaign have continued a thousand years, than The Monster become the president.
Somebody said: “I think Fred Trump must have beaten him senseless then sent him to military academy when that didn’t work. Abandoned, he became 100% ego.” Yep. He’s basically Charles Foster Kane, forever looking for the love he never got from his parents. But he’ll never get it. All his life he’s striven to be accepted, embraced, adored: “mommy, daddy, do you love me now?” But it’s never been enough. It never will be. He can’t get any higher now; but still, it won’t be enough. And as it all starts to fall apart, as it has since the moment he won, and more and more people are not loving him, the more he will lash out.
In the night I watched Patton. I had no idea why. Until the last lines came. And I then realized they, were the reason why. Words and ideas and realities that, because The Monster does not read, or reflect, or critically think, he has never encountered, never considered. He will just have to live through them.
He doesn’t realize it yet, but it’s all downhill for him, from here.

Roman conquerors returning from the wars enjoyed the honor of triumph, a tumultuous parade.

In the procession came trumpeteers, musicians and strange animals from conquered territories, together with carts laden with treasure and captured armaments. The conquerors rode in a triumphal chariot, the dazed prisoners walking in chains before him. Sometimes his children, robed in white, stood with him in the chariot, or rode the trace horses.

A slave stood behind the conqueror, holding a golden crown, and whispering in his ear a warning: that all glory, is fleeting.

I also recently watched Werner Herzog’s new documentary, Into the Inferno. In it is seen and discussed Lake Toba, on Sumatra, in Indonesia, the lake the remains of a supervolcanic eruption some 75,000 years ago. Almost all the plants and animals in Southeast Asia were killed, and it is believed the worldwide effects were so severe that the global population of human beings declined to around 600.

So, things have been worse.


I do believe, separate and apart from any particular election or movement, that we are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism or ethnic identity or tribalism that is built around an us and a them. And I will never apologize for saying that the future of humanity and the future of the world is going to be defined by what we have in common as opposed to those things that separate us and ultimately lead us into conflict.

Take Europe. We know what happens when Europeans start dividing themselves up and emphasizing their differences and seeing a competition between various countries in a zero sum way. The 20th Century was a bloodbath, and for all the frustrations and failures of the project to unify Europe, the last five decades have been periods of unprecedented peace, growth, and prosperity in Europe. And the United States, we know what happens when we start dividing ourselves along lines of race or religion or ethnicity.

It’s dangerous, not just for the minority groups that are subjected to that kind of discrimination or, in some cases in the past violence, but because we then don’t realize our potential as a country when we’re preventing blacks or Latinos or Asians or gays or women from fully participating in the project of building American life.

So my vision’s right on that issue. And it may not always win the day in the short term in any particular political circumstance. But I’m confident it will win the day over the long term because societies in which we are able to unify ourselves around values and ideals and character and how we treat each other and cooperation and innovation, ultimately are gonna be more successful than societies that don’t.

In the end, it doesn’t matter; just another irritating, annoying, bump in the road.

I watched Angels in America recently.

Which begins like this:

We assemble that we may collectively mourn this good and righteous woman. This woman—I did not know this woman. I cannot accurately describe her attributes, nor do justice, to her dimensions. She was not a person, but a whole kind of a person. The ones that crossed the ocean. That brought with us to America, the villages of Russia, and Lithuania. And how we struggled, and how we fought, for the family, for the Jewish home. Descendents of this immigrant woman, you do not grow up in America—you, your children, and their children with the goyish names. You do not live in America. No such place exists. Your clay is the clay of some Litvak shtetl. Your air is the air of the steppes. Because she carried that old world, on her back, across the ocean, in a boat, and she put it down, on Grand Concourse Avenue. Or on Flatbush. But every day of your lives, the miles, that voyage from that place to this one, you cross, every day. You understand me? In you, that journey, is.

And ends like this:

This disease will be the end of many of us, but not nearly all, and the dead will be commemorated, and will struggle on with the living. And we are not going away. We won’t die secret deaths anymore. The world only spins forward. We will be citizens. The time has come. Bye now. You are fabulous creatures, each and every one. And I bless you: More Life. The great work begins.

We have already won. It’s just a matter. Of waiting. For the time. To catch up.



12 Responses to “The Night The Lights Went Out”

  1. 1 santera hoochie November 7, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    Speechless. I want to tell you how very moving and meaningful these words are to me but all in my head is: Yes. A thousand times over, yes.

    • 2 bluenred November 7, 2017 at 6:25 pm

      Yes; it is the good word, the open word, the eros word, the magic word.

      • 3 santera hoochie November 7, 2017 at 9:00 pm

        That entire night seemed a hundred years long. It was more than night. The darkness had a new but very old weight and density. Small animals and birds cried out because they knew asustador was upon all of us.

        I remember that night and knew that only one living soul would understand all the fear Racing in my blood. Couldn’t wait to talk
        with you. There’s absolutely nothing for you to be sorry for.
        You calmed and soothed and
        listened to many of us who
        needed you when confronted by
        nightmares of the Monster come
        to life. A most gracious and
        generous voice you were and

        • 4 santera hoochie November 7, 2017 at 9:07 pm

          Look around; there is someone else, always someone else.
          What he breathes is your suffocation;
          What he eats is your hunger;
          Dying, he takes with him the purest half of your own death

          Rosario Castellanos, from The Other

        • 5 bluenred November 8, 2017 at 4:01 am

          It was night of great Badness. As I said here the other day:

          The Americans were wise and just in declining to make the Clinton II woman the president. An embalmed relict of a defunct family dynasty, who could articulate no reason she should attain the office, other than that it was “her turn”: years ago, she and The Clenis had decreed there should be “eight years of Bill, and eight years of Hill.” She seemed to have been in the politics since before the days of Benjamin Franklin; her show had been running longer even than Gunsmoke, and people wanted it shut off.

          Unfortunately, the Americans also demonstrated they have no higher brain functioning whatsoever, in selecting instead as the president an actual monster, a raving, racist, criminal psychopath, who is not only not fit to be president, but cannot even be classified as a functional human being.

          • 6 santera hoochie November 8, 2017 at 10:14 pm

            She was merely the lesser of two evils to me. She truly seemed to be “inevitable” until it became apparent that her own lack of enthusiasm was contagious, and many people couldn’t bother getting off the sofa or going outdoors to vote. Maybe they believed, as she seemed to believe that not winning wasn’t even a real consideration.

            You’re absolutely right about the Narcissist in Chief. From Carter Page’s testimony to Flynn’s “LOCK HER UP!” chanting at the convention, it’s obvious that Mongo likes to snuggle up with dogs and wake up with fleas. From Hamilton, if history has its eye on him? He’s deconstructing fast. We haven’t seen him at his worst yet. (This cheery update from a bayou under a bad moon.)

            • 7 bluenred November 9, 2017 at 11:57 pm

              I don’t believe in evil. I believe in this:

              I have arisen not from the dead but from the living. I am not a voice crying in the wilderness. There is no winter here. No dark. No despair. There is no darkness anywhere. There are only sick little men who have turned away from the light. I have all my lights on. And it is my own face I see in the blazing windows of all the houses on earth.

      • 8 santera hoochie November 8, 2017 at 12:15 am

        Yes 😉

  2. 9 sally November 8, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    I live with HOPE — the good are out there somewhere– aren’t they? I will go searching… and I agree with Santera, I know one Monster killer who helps me to keep going. Thank you.

    • 10 bluenred November 8, 2017 at 8:50 pm

      Yeah, well, you was the first, with the helping to keep going, with the library, and the Patchen, and the “mutate and survive,” and the Tizzy May. So thank you. ; )

  3. 11 sally November 9, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Don’t tell anyone, but I love you! – Always have—always will – xoxox

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