Dictionary Men Change The Word “Lie” To “Mongo”

The International Association of Dictionary Men has voted unanimously to retire the word “lie,” and replace it with the word “mongo.”

The Dictionary Men decided to do so after Science Men proved conclusively that what Mary McCarthy once Libeled about Lillian Hellman—”every word she writes is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the'”—is, in the case of the words that flow from Mongo’s lips, and tliar-1080x608from his twitlers, absolutely, positively, 100% True.

“We combed through his every utterance, his every note inscribed in crayon, throughout the entirety of his life, and we were completely unable to find anything that was true,” reports Science Man Bjorn Borm, “All of it, was lies.”

“And this is why we are retiring the word ‘lie,'” explained Dictionary Man woman Sandra Cheevy. “‘Lie’ is a word that has had a good long run, but we simply don’t need it anymore, now that we have ‘mongo.'”

“He lies with every breath,” Borm added. “Even breathing in his sleep, he lies. His every snore, is a falsehood.”

Yesterday Mongo appeared before the press with Turtle Scrotum, to review various ways they are wrecking the world. As ever, every word to escape Mongo’s lips, was a lie. Or, in the new parlance, a mongo.

For instance, he mongoed that his predecessor in the presidency never called the families of slain US soldiers, because of his Kenyan Mooslemism. This was a howling mongo; Obama, in truth—a realm that Mongo has never once entered—even reversed a cruel policy that had former presidents declining to contact the families of soldiers who had committed suicide.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the Sane and Decent people to remain civil, when Mongo sets about mongoing. Thus, a member of Obama’s administration yesterday went to the twit machine and there wrote:

that’s a fucking lie. to say president obama (or past presidents) didn’t call the family members of soldiers KIA – he’s a deranged animal.

Sounds about right to me. Although now I understand that deranged animals have hired Gloria Allred to file a class-action suit alleging it is libel and defamation per se to be compared to Mongo.

Remember during the 2016 campaign, the numbskulls who claimed it was actually the Clinton II woman who was the premier liar?

Never forget. Never let them forget. Even if they crawl across cut glass to Canterbury, in an attempt to make amends, it shall never be enough. Ever.


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