Boston Dunks Mongo Pee Party

Fresh off their Nuremberg rally in Charlottesville, Mongo’s Nazis planned Saturday to get their hate on up in Boston. They would masturbate with Confederate flags, ecstatically sing “The Horst Wessel Song,” everywhere give the stiff-arm salute to banners bearing the image of their shitlord, Mongo. Crowning the festivities would be a mass pee-in, in honor of Mongo’s favorite recreational activity.

But something happened on the way to the Wolf’s Lair. Some 40,000 of the Sane and Decent people hit the streets in Boston; the Mongo Pee Party then dribbled right away. The poor pepes were not even able to sing their opening anthem, “Nearer My 599329463d1d1.imageMong To Pee.”

The Sane and Decent people, they had not heeded the advice of the nice white progressive lady Tina Fey, who had urged them to stay home and eat “sheetcake.” No. Instead, they acted on the wisdom of this woman:

To actually advise people to not protest Nazis can only come from someone of immense privilege, from someone whose community actually faces no threat, and from someone who will most likely make it out okay if things go south.

Ignoring Nazis isn’t taking the high road. Protesting and facing potential danger is taking the high road. Obviously, we cannot afford to sit at home. While I wholeheartedly believe “sheetcaking” is a great coping mechanism that can cure many a broken heart, the last time we let Nazis scream into the empty air, it ended up in a fucking genocide.

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