The Fire This Time

Nobody much thought the Americans would bomb Nagasaki. Even after they’d crisped Hiroshima. Because Nagasaki, it was even less a “military” target, than had been Hiroshima. And it was hard to fly the airplanes in there. Also, there were all those Catholics in the city. For more than 400 years, Nagasaki had been the principal redoubt in Japan of Catholicism. The place was veritably crawling with Catholics. And it was presumed the Americans, they would be more averse to frying co-religionists, than those Japanese adhering to native, heathenoid faiths.

The first problem with these assumptions was that, there in 1945, many of the Americans regarded Catholicism as a faith every bit as strange and dangerous and deranged as Shinto or Buddhism, or whatever heathenism it was the Japanese were always on about.

Less than 20 years before, Al Smith, candidate for US president, had been beaten like a gong by Herbert Hoover, not least because so many of the Atomic0B[2].jpgAmericans believed that Smith, as a Catholic, once in the Oval Office, he would immediately deliver the keys to the American kingdom unto the Vatican, which would then commence to forcibly seed the land with popery, from sea to shining sea.

Four years before that, Smith had been blocked from even receiving the nomination, by members of his own party—the Democrats—as convention delegates from the Southern states, many literally members of the Ku Klux Klan, declared they’d be damned if they would surrender their party to a man in thrall to the Whore Of Babylon, united with Jews, Freemasons, and—yea, verily—Satan hisself, in a fiendish plot to destroy everything White and Right, in Amurica.

Nagasaki was actually more or less founded as a Catholic city, by a daimyo who’d gone over to the Western weirdness, not so long after white people had first bulled their way into Japan, back in the mid-1500s.

With the bullers, came their priests. Who hopped around the islands like fleas. The various head-cutters then vying for power in Japan vacillated in their treatment of these pests: sometimes they were given free rein, sometimes they were crucified. Eventually it was decided some of the white people, and some of their pestiferous priests, could remain in Japan—but only stuffed into a couple remote holes, one of which was Nagasaki.

By the time August 9, 1945, rolled around, the Urakami district of Nagasaki had been considered the “heart and soul” of Japanese Catholicism—and, indeed, of Catholicism throughout the Far East—since the sixteenth century.

And that district, it was ground zero, for the Americans’ bomb.

The Americans. They blew it. All. Away.

Some thought had been given by some of the Americans to the fact that the pope, he might have a seizure, if the Americans burned up all the Catholics, there in Nagasaki.

But then it was decided: the pope, he could just bugger right off.

For the Vatican was not, then, at its peak of influence, with the Americans. Because the pope, and his various primates, they had spent the past dozen years or so closing their eyes, and putting their fingers in their ears, and trilling “la-la-la,” whenever anybody happened to mention that the Germans were frying the Jews. Among NaziPriestsSaluteHitler.jpgmany and manifold other Teutonic unpleasantnesses.

The US, and all the other Western nations, they had given no shits, about any burning Jews, at the outset of the fires that time. But now that the Jews, they had incontrovertibly been burning, and burning, and burning, and for years, and years, and years, these nations, they were feeling Guilty.

And the guy familiarly—and accurately—known as Hitler’s Pope, he was an easy scapegoat. For all of their sins. This the guy who, “as Hitler’s armies crossed the Russian frontier in June 1941,” together with his female “aide,” “joined in joyful prayers,” and “said novenas for the Nazis and asked God to intercede for their total victory in Russia.”

See, Hitler’s Pope, he was pretty much interested, solely, during all that war-in-Europe business, in “Bolsheviks” being dead. That during the course of the Nazis making Bolsheviks dead, they also incinerated six million Jews? Well . . . fuck the Jews.

For the Jews, you see, they killed Jesus. Says so right there in the Catholic liturgy of the Passion. And has so said so. For more than a thousand years.

Jesus. Uber alles.

Nagasaki was not initially identified by the Americans as a city that should be nuke-bombed. In the beginning, the cities Kokura, Hiroshima, Yokohama, Niigata, and Kyoto, these were those selected.

But then Harry Truman, the small-time Kansas City bagman then serving as president of the Americans, he was made to understand, by someone who had opened a history book, that Kyoto had nag 1 day afterbeen Japan’s capital for more than a thousand years. And that the Japanese, they would surely fully frenzy, if their historic capital were rendered un-there. So Kyoto, it was removed from the list. And Nagasaki, selected in its stead.

When the planes took off, to deliver the bomb: Nagasaki, it was but the back-up target. The nuke-rain, it was intended to fall, on Kokura.

But Kokura, it was obscured by smoke, lingering from a 229-plane-strong B-29 sortie over neighboring Yahata the previous day.

Three times, the plane flying the nuke, passed over Kokura. But three times, the bombardier, he couldn’t sufficiently See.

Meanwhile, a fuel pump, it had ODed, there in the nuke plane.

Because: it’s always something.

The nuke-plane, it was weak, and it was coughing up fuel-blood: and so, it needed to drop, and soon.

And so, the nuke people, they winged off to Nagasaki.

To find: sufficiently clear, there.

And so, there, the Americans, they dropped it.

And some 75,000 human beings. Instantly died. Incinerated. Not even, up in smoke.

Long, very long, before any nuke bombs fell, the Japanese, they were already defeated. The Americans, they 182110_mad-scientist-lightning-300x249had long cracked the communications codes of the Japanese, and therefore they knew the Japanese were, before any nuke-plane ever took off, preparing to surrender. But the Americans, they needed to do Science Men experiments, with their bombs: the Hiroshima bomb, it was a uranium-235 anathema; while the Nagasaki anathema, it was a plutonium cthulhu: and the American Science Men, and their military overlords, to whom the Science Men had sold their souls, they needed to Know, how both, and each, might work, in Real Life—in killing, evaporating, vaporizing, Real, Live, People.

And, meanwhile, display to all the world—and especially the Soviet Union, already lined up as the Americans’ new Foe—how truly, and really Big, was, now, the American—nuclear!—Penis.

And when once the Americans, they had dropped “Little Boy,” on Hiroshima, and “Fat Man,” on Nagasaki: that was it.

The Americans, they were then out of nuke-bombs. They had no more. The nuke-larder, it was empty. And they had no hope, the Americans, of securing another such bomb, until at least October. If then.

Much that was “secret,” it leaked out of the Manhattan Project, and environs. But the fact that the Americans, they had shot their nuclear wad, after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that doesn’t seem to have, anywhere, dribbled.

It is true that, after Hiroshima, a couple of Japanese nuclear scientists, they surmised that the Americans, they couldn’t possibly hold many of these weapons in reserve. Wait it out, these Science Men urged. Not that much more Bad, they predicted, could Soon Come.

But the Emperor, he waved them away, told them to cut the shit. He said: “Our people are clearly dealing with barbarians, beyond any previous imagining, and beyond all control. They will burn the very sky, the earth, n-empendofwar-a-20140910-870x621the water, the air. They don’t care. They will burn it all. To Win. And they do not understand, that just as it takes years to get into a war, it takes years to get out of one. These are people who just cannot wait. They are so impatient, they slam the toilet-seat down on their dicks, even as they are still peeing. And they then continue to urinate, even into the ballroom, as they court their young ladies. Nothing can be done with such people. Now. Except to give them what they want. Immediately. And then lay back. And wait.”

Information, we know, now, did, without doubt, leak from the Manhattan Project. And, back in the day, thems on the right, they went on jihad, that the Rosenbergs, Ethel and Julius, they were scummy disgusting commie spies, who passed Manhattan secrets on to the Soviets. While thems on the left, they moaned and marched and cried, that both Rosenbergs, they were innocent, as the fleece of the lamb.

With the passage of time, we have learned, that both were wrong. As both were right. Because Julius, he did pass Manhattan info, on to the Soviet Union. Not that it was of much use. But Ethel, she did not. And was unaware, that Julius did.

To me, the most interesting part of this tale, is that those Americans roy_cohn.jpgprosecuting the Rosenbergs—including the judge—they knew that Ethel was guiltless. But went after her anyway. Knowing she was innocent. Hoping that, through their relentless persecution, Julius would break, to save his wife. And/or, that one or the other would break, to save Ethel, to be with their two young children.

But their scheme did not work. And then they sat on their filthy hands. As they sent Ethel to the electric chair. And watched her fry. A woman they knew to be innocent.

Maybe the truest book, in the history of the Americans, is Robert Coover’s The Public Burning. And maybe the truest passage, therein, is the burning of Ethel Rosenberg. Which concludes thusly:

Her body, held only at head, groin, and one leg, is whipped like a sail in a high wind, flapping out at the people like one of those trick images in a 3-D movie, making them scream and duck and pray for deliverance. Her body, sizzling and popping like firecrackers, lights up with the force of the current, casting a flickering radiance on all those around her, and so she burns—and burns—and burns—as though held aloft by her own incandescent will, and haloed about by all the gleaming great of the nation.

Satanic shyster Roy Cohn, he presided over the public burning of Ethel Rosenberg. Knowing she was innocent. Roy Cohn, the mentor of Mongo. Who connected Mongo with the mobsters who made Mongo his first fortune. Roy Cohn, the man who Mongo today patterns himself to be.

Roy Cohn, who, when dying of AIDS, sucked the blood from healthy young men, in a vain attempt to live. Just as today, Mongo’s token gay-boy, Peter Thiel, sucks the blood from young people, in his vain attempt to live.

Roy’s boy, Mongo, today the president of the Americans. And, as we speak, he, Mongo, is out there screeching, in full Kim Jong Mongdong mode, threatening his soul-brother Kim Jong Nutgong, with the “fire and fury” of his Mongdong nuke-bombs. Raving in his twitlers about the mammoth bigly of his ever-erect nuclear penis. Mongo, who, there in his one brain cell, has wondered why the Americans even have nuclear weapons, if they’re never going to use them.

Mongo will change. Mongo will Bomb!

During the 2016 presidential campaign, there were those among the Americans who got their knickers all twistygoosed along by Rooskis—that the Clinton II woman, if ever she were to become the president, would so slaverishly warmonger she would plunge the planet into World War III, and, therefore, Mongo, he was the preferred alternative, indeed, the very way, the truth, and the light; the Savior.

Such people, had brain holes.

Only in the crazed bubble of hysteria does an ethically challenged, moderate Democrat become a threat to Western civilization and Trump the salvation of America.

For it was Mongo, always Mongo, who was, who is, the madman, across all waters.

10 Responses to “The Fire This Time”

  1. 1 santera hoochie August 9, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    Beautifully written. Love the way you told of the attack on Nagasaki (lots of tubes swear the bomb was meant for Kokura) and interwove the attack with The Public Burning, which I don’t think most people have read.

    The details of Scary Catholicism in Nagasaki added context to an already well-layered and brilliant story.

    And Roy Cohn?

    The selfsame devil all the time is crucial to understanding Mongo’s lack of real introspection or empathy. No sense of crime.

    This is one of your best, in my opinion. Many thanks.

  2. 2 santera hoochie August 9, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    My link didn’t embed (sorry) but I have the WordPress HTML editor before me and will try harder.

  3. 5 santera hoochie August 9, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    ‘Scuze me, but “fire and fury that the world has never seen?” Some would consider that a threat. He wants this bad.

    • 6 bluenred August 10, 2017 at 9:58 am

      He is black hole of intelligent thought; whenever any notion of sense and sentience comes within range of his cabeza, it instantly vanishes.

      As Seth Myers observed, he is but “a human bullhorn with a corn syrup addiction.”

      Further, his “aides talk about him like he’s a monkey who just saw a magic trick.” That is why he is best employed at county fairs, with a little red cap on his head, darting into the crowd with a little tin cup to there receive offerings for his handler, a sweaty portly organ-grinder.

  4. 7 santera hoochie August 10, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    I believe every word. Wouldn’t put anything past him and that funnel cake he wears on his cabezo.

    Many screaming emails have startled me in the past couple of days in re North Korea. If Tillerson and McMaster are standing in his way, then Mongo’s twit-icisms make more sense. And did I mention how cowardly it is to tweet complaints about someone, telling the world, when the person could easily be called or asked to attend a meeting? What a cabron.

    • 8 bluenred August 10, 2017 at 7:00 pm

      It is said that Mattis and Kelly agreed early on that at least one of them would always remain close to Mongo so he could be tackled bodily if he attempted to commence any nuke rains.

      Mattis and Kelly also agreed in the earliest weeks of Trump’s presidency that one of them should remain in the United States at all times to keep tabs on the orders rapidly emerging from the White House.

  5. 10 santera hoochie August 10, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    The really scary part to me is that even if he wanted to get his shit together and behave somewhat reasonably, he can’t. He’s broken too many barriers to change his personality.

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