Mongo Causes Bushman To Commence St. Vitus Dance

Richard Painter was chief White House ethics lawyer to George II. Now, George II is the man who brought torture back to town. So, ethics-wise, Painter is no Virgin Mary.

Thus it is indicative of just how deeply Mongo has plunged the Americans into the very bowels of Hell, that Painter yesterday was compelled by Mongo’s extreme and unceasing Caligula-like behavior to embark on a multimedia rampage denouncing Mongo’s savaging with an icepick any and all ethics—a rampage that went on all day, and all of the night.

“I would like to have one week from this Screen-Shot-2016-05-26-at-1.47.18-PMWhiter House where they don’t engage in a new act of obstruction of justice,” Painter moaned on the television.

Referencing Mongo’s personal crafting of the Lying statement about Uday Mongo’s meet with the Rooski spy nest, in order to obtain dirt on the Clinton II woman, Painter said, “once the son says something in a public statement he’d be very likely to say something to the special prosecutor, and lying to the special prosecutor is a crime. If he lies under oath it becomes perjury. This is a common strategy for obstructing justice.”

When they wouldn’t let Painter be on the television any more, he went to his twit machine, and there commenced howling:

“Weighing in” on a witness’s lie about a matter under criminal investigation is obstruction of justice.

Knowingly drafting a false statement for a person who is a witness in a criminal investigation is itself a crime. Obstruction of justice.

Lawyers who knowingly participate in drafting false statements for witnesses in criminal investigations should be disbarred and prosecuted.

What kind of a man drafts a false statement for his own son about a matter under criminal investigation? A man who can pardon his son.

Over at the Whiter House, the 400-pound guy on the bed dismissed Painter as a “sour grape,” who is just “bitter,” because “Mongo beat the least Bush son like a gong.”

“It is not Mongo’s fault the least Bush son married a brown woman,” the 400-pound guy on the bed chundered, explaining that “exposure to that woman’s defective mud-people genes caused the least Bush son to become so low energy he could not effectively compete.”

The 400-pound guy on the bed said Mongo is crafting an executive order that will provide that “losers and haters like Painter cannot determine what the law is. Only winners will be so empowered. And Mongo, he is the Winner.”


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