Whiter House Praises Mongo As “Greatest Father Since Don Corleone”

Yesterday the Bezos reported that Mongo himself had crafted the criminally mendacious public statement that falsely claimed son Uday Mongo had met last June with a roiling snakes’ nest of Rooski spies in order to discuss “adoptions,” rather than to receive from the Rooskis dirt on the Clinton II woman.

According to the Bezos, several nervous Mongo minions had considered maybe telling some truth. But Mongo brushed them aside, choosing instead to 003-17chunder the sort of bald-faced lies that have characterized his every breath on earth.

Today the 400-pound guy on the bed lied like nine dogs that “[t]he statement that Uday issued is true. There’s no inaccuracy in the statement.” She then said, “Mongo weighed in just as any father would. This is all discussion, frankly, of no consequence.

“Look,” she continued, “when Michael Corleone killed Sollozzo and the police captain in the restaurant, blowing their brains out, Michael’s father, Don Corleone, hid him in Sicily, until some schlub in the Bocchicchio family could be persuaded to take the rap, and go to the electric chair in Michael’s stead. This is no different.”

The 400-pound guy on the bed then said “all the MongoRoids know Mongo is the greatest father since Don Corleone,” and predicted they “will clap and cheer” as Mongo and his people “continue to commit so many crimes they make the Corleones look like Mother Teresa’s mob.” She said those who complain are “just jealous” and should “shut up” or they may “sleep with the fishes.”


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