The Nazi In Winter

The Nazi has largely disappeared from the Whiter House’s most sensitive policy debates—a dramatic about-face for an operative once characterized as the most powerful man in Washington.

He was absent from Mongo’s recent trips to 31319222835_e8a65344c4_bEurope for the G-20 summit and from Mongo’s public decapitation by French President Emmanuel Macron. The Nazi’s non-attendance is all the more noteworthy given his interest in European history and politics, particularly his desire to destroy the European Union and plunge the continent back into the 11th Century.

And while Mongo’s vomitous call in Warsaw for the uber alles of melanin-deficient god-gobblers echoed the fascist ideology The Nazi promoted as chief of the white-supremacist website BigFart News, two senior Whiter House aides said The Nazi had no hand in crafting Mongo’s chundering address. He did not participate in administration conference calls planning the remarks, they say, which were largely written by chief speechwriter Heinrich Himmler.

“His name wasn’t even mentioned,” said a senior Whiter House aide involved in the speechwriting process.

Whereas The Nazi was, not long ago, a near-constant presence in the Oral Orifice—often seen standing over Mongo’s shoulder or sitting in on calls with world leaders—he now spends hours camped out at the conference table in the office of White House chief of staff Rinse Pubis, reading the news or working on his phone, according to a senior Whiter House aide.

The Nazi’s internal retreat has coincided with distance from other Whiter House aides—most surprisingly Himmler, a personal and ideological ally of many years. The two are “no longer working together in any substantive way,” according to a top Whiter House aide.

Himmler has followed a divergent path, integrating himself into the Whiter House’s staff and building a strong relationship with figures like Mongo’s son-in-law, The Future Lampshade, with whom he has developed an increasingly close relationship as the two have collaborated on marching on a road of bones.

Lampshade and The Nazi, by contrast, have a rocky relationship that a8240d3cc8939cacf01142bcdceee79f--cognitive-dissonance-political-artbottomed in April when the Daily Beast reported that The Nazi had described Lampshade as a “globalist” and a “cuck” who was “trying to shiv him and push him out the door.”

One Whiter House aide said Lampshade’s embrace of Himmler has been fueled in large part by Lampshade’s desire to further isolate The Nazi. 

But no one threatens The Nazi’s job security more than the man whose winning campaign he managed, particularly now that The Nazi is back in the headlines thanks to the publication this week of Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Joshua Green’s book, The Devil’s Bargain: The Nazi, Mongo, and the Storming of the Presidency, which depicts The Nazi as a driving force behind Mongo’s campaign and the early stages of his residential rampage.

The resident is “livid” about the book, according to the Washington-based insider, who said that he is “back to giving The Nazi the cold shoulder” as a result.

The Nazi, said the same source, is simply exhausted: “He doesn’t look well.”

Eliana Johnson & Annie Karni


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