Shouts At Cloud Son Lost At Sea

On Sunday a son of Old Man Shouts At Cloud, Young Man Murmurs At Cloud, had himself a belly full of Mellow Yellow‘s neverending song of love for Vlad The Impaler, and so took to his twit machine:

My nation of laws just got compared to one that murders journalists that don’t fall in line and kills political opposition. Awesome……….

Grunting, hooting MongoRoids, together with trolling Russian troglodytes, immediately commenced the St. Vitus Dance.

Murmurs At Cloud then retreated the tweet, and wrote:

I don’t want to cause a fuss.

I just need to go back to tweeting about why I love Air Tractors.

Shortly after that, he mccainsdisappeared.

“We believe he was thrown overboard,” The Gargoyle smirked Wednesday morning.

Men in the Shouts At Cloud family have served in the United States Navy since before there was water. Old Man Shouts At Cloud’s grandfather and father were admirals; Shouts At Cloud became a naval pilot, who initially specialized in crash-landings and colliding with power lines. Eventually he was shot down over Vietnam, then interned for more than five years in prison camps in and around Hanoi.

Mongo did not serve in the military. It was determined that multiple anal cysts in his mouth rendered him unfit for service. While Shouts At Cloud was being tortured, so severely that today he cannot raise his hands above his head, Mongo was stateside, ordering black people out of his housing developments, sucking up to the mob, and merrily breeding daughters so he could fuck them.

Young Man Murmurs At Cloud followed the family tradition, serving as a Navy helicopter pilot. That is, until he went missing.

“We believe that shipmates working to make America great again determined that Murmurs At Cloud had violated the prime directive, and thus escorted him off the vessel,” Cabbage Breath stated at a Wednesday morning press briefing. Because “there was no land available at the time,” Cabbage Breath said, the MongoRoids “put him into the water.”

Murmurs At Cloud was not provided with any sort of watercraft or flotation device, Cabbage Breath said, “because it was decided that would be a waste of valuable military resources. I mean, this is a guy who was just going to get captured someday war-duckanyway. It’s in the genes. And, you know, nits make lice.”

When asked, Cabbage Breath described “the prime directive,” which he said was violated by Young Man Murmurs At Cloud, as “worshipping Mongo, at all times, in word and deed.” People who violate this directive, Breath said, “deserve to drown.”

Contacted while roasting a Mexican over an open flame, Mongo said “I could give no shits” that Young Man Murmurs At Cloud had been declared lost at sea. “Why should I?” he shrugged. “Shouts at Cloud has said mean things about me, and also about Vlad. As far as I’m concerned, all his children can drown.”

“I hear they tossed some rubber ducks out there; maybe he can grab one of those,” Mongo added. He then invited the reporters—drawn exclusively from the ranks of Breitbart, Fox, Stormfront, and Sputnik—to return later that evening, “when we’ll be grilling some Muslims. It’ll be tremendous, beautiful, the best. Bring the kids.”

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