Now We Know How Many Holes It Takes To Fill The White House Halls

One of the most contemptible lies to pollute the public discourse in recent years has been the putrefying fiction that the election of Barack Obama as president signaled the end of racism in the United States.

This dung oozed out everywhere. Rinse Pubis, for instance, a racist who is currently serving as chief of staff to the racist Resident Trayf, twitted, back in 2013, while chairman of the Republican National muslim-woman-crying-6Committee, a racist hate group: “Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in ending racism.”

Everywhere, on “left” and on “right,” we were ceaselessly, nauseatingly told, that “just a few,” “not many,” “declining numbers” of Americans, are racists.

Then, the Americans went and elected as president, a damnable, provable, life-long, howling racist, who rocketed to political fame and fortune peddling the monstrous racist lie that Barack Obama is a filthy African interloper not even an American.

Every day of his endless campaign racism vomited forth from the mouth of this man. It was not possible to not know what he was. A rotten, despicable racist. It was, therefore, not possible to vote for him, unless you, too, were a rotten, despicable racist.

And so. At last. We have baseline numbers. Up against this putrid canard that the Americans are not racist. Some 62,979,879 people voted for The Monster. This means, at minimum, there are 62,979,879 racists, in the United States.


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