And All Their Names Shall Be Mongo

Resident Trayf shall entertain his first foreign visitor today, British Prime Minister Theresa May, a tired old troglodyte representing a clot of frightened old retrovert white people, who recently shat their nappies in a thing called Brexit, which will withdraw the United Kingdom from the European Union on the grounds that the latter has brown people in it.

May’s brief reign has thus far been distinguished most by her refusal to talk about a British nuclear missilemay-ugly that veered off target and tried to blow up Florida.

May and Mongo are expected to agree on the necessity of keeping brown peoples out of their respective nations, forcing them to live somewhere else, where they will still be required to send all their money and resources to the British and the Americans, or else get bombed.

May will also presumably promise not to fire any more nuclear missiles at the US. And because Agent Orange has previously declared that someday he may see fit to rain nuke bombs down on Europe, May is expected to likewise urge that once the UK leaves the EU, it will no longer be a part of Europe, and should therefore be considered exempt from any Mongo meth-addled European nuke-jihad.

Because Mongo and his people have already proven that their collective IQ is smaller than my shoe size—which is in the single digits—there was of course a right cock-up on the very basics of the May visit. That is, not all of Mongo, or all of his Mongrel men, could manage to correctly spell the woman’s name. Three times in the daily schedule furnished by the White House to the press, her first name was rendered “Teresa.” Scribblings from the office of Vice Resident Sixpence, they also dubbed her “Teresa.”

“The ‘h’ is silent, it shouldn’t even be in that name, anyone would miss it, it is like a trap for the unwary, and Mongo shall demand that she remove it,” Mongo oberfuhrer The Gargoyle told a small gathering of reporters, drawn exclusively from the ranks of Breitbart, Fox, Stormfront, and Sputnik.

“A lot of the foreigners have really stupid names, and that is one of the things we are just not going to tolerate around here,” The Gargoyle continued. “We are simply wrong-namenot going to put up with a Pole with some name like Szczebrzeszynowsklytz Brzęczyszczykiewicz, or a Welshman like Llyfr Mynydd Llanfairpwllgwyngyllchywnd, or these people from India who insist on names like Kolungode Vishwnatha Narayanaswamy.”

The Gargoyle stated that The Nazi was drafting an executive order that will require all foreign visitors “who insist upon having wrong and stupid names” to assume the name “Mongo” upon setting foot in the US.

“That is a name easy to spell,” The Gargoyle beamed. “And all the letters are pronounced. None are hidden. It is also the name of our Resident, so anyone should be proud to have it.”

The Gargoyle noted that she had recently renamed all four of her children Mongo—monikering them Mongo I, Mongo II, Mongo III, and Mongo IV—and said that “if the name is good enough for the fruit of my loins, it’s certainly good enough for all these horrid foreign people.

“I think Mongo May sounds better than Theresa May,” she stressed, warning that Mongo might not agree to exempt the UK from the nuke-bombing unless May agreed to such renaming.

“He might not nuke someone named Mongo,” The Gargoyle concluded. “But for sure someone with a sinister, sneaky name like Theresa, she can fully expect to someday be skeletonized, or at least to glow in the dark.”


2 Responses to “And All Their Names Shall Be Mongo”

  1. 1 sally January 27, 2017 at 9:55 am

    Oh, dear, oh dear! I read your good works in the wrong order! I see you have been offering more valid names for people in the White — whoops –Black Space (BS)– I have placed paper and pencil in front of me and I will make a list. I do like Mongo and Cabbage Man and Vice Resident Sixpence. I will try to keep up, but you may have to make a proper name list for some of us old people… later – Namaste!

    • 2 bluenred January 27, 2017 at 10:15 am

      Usually, as in this piece with The Gargoyle and The Nazi, I embed links to text or photos that identify them with the fake names that they try to put over on the rubes.

      ; )

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