The Letter

Traditionally, an outgoing president inscribes a brief, private letter to his successor, signs it, seals it, and then leaves it behind on the desk in the Oval Office, next to the Xanax, and the key to the White House bunker.

President Obamaunnamed-4 followed this tradition.

Resident Trayf will not.

“Mongo is not opening that letter,” The Gargoyle said Sunday morning on Beat The Press (With Big Sticks). “What if there is anthrax in there? We don’t trust that Kenyan. He might have put rabies, or leprosy, or even Negritude, in that letter.”

The Gargoyle pointed out that Mongo ascended to the residency spurning many traditions. “For instance,” she said, “it is traditional that people running for president behave like a human being. Mongo never saw any need to conform to that tradition. And the people rewarded him for it. So, if he did not see fit to present himself as something even remotely resembling a homo sapien, he is certainly not going to be bound by any nonsense about a letter.

“Besides,” she further explained, “the outgoing president is a Negro. And everyone knows Negroes can’t write. Just as everyone knows, Mongo can’t read.”

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