The Conversation

As the Obama presidency draws to a close, we should acknowledge that America held the national conversation about race Obama called for, even though it ended up sounding more like an angry shouting match than the earnest, enlightening discussion he clearly hoped for.

In fact, the “conversation” ultimately broughtdale_robertson4 race relations to the current, troubling moment of backlash.

“There was a shocking amount of resentment that a black family had been in the White House for two terms. I think it would be naive to overlook it—the irony that one of the legacies of Obama’s presidency was an enormous amount of resentment,” Harvard historian Henry Louis Gates said after the election. “I don’t think a Mongo could have emerged without a black president. The Monster tapped into and fueled and stoked an enormous amount of racial resentment. And Obama symbolized it.”

Gates is right. Resident Trayf, let it never be forgotten, launched his successful campaign on a multi-year campaign of conspiracy theories and lies, dubbed “birtherism,” that purported Obama was not born in the U.S. and was a fundamentally illegitimate President. The fact that Twitler has never renounced, or even acknowledged, the obvious racism of his birther falsehoods, will remain a stain on his residency.

Errol Lewis


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