Daddy’s Home

Then [Mongo] meets Roy Cohn. Now, if you were in your late 20s or your early 30s and you were looking to hitch yourself to a wagon that would pull you forward, if you could sit down with Roy Cohn and be charmed—there was something wrong with you. Roy was the second-most important figure in Donald’s life, next to [his father] Fred. And if you could meet that guy, and say to yourself, “I want to be with this guy . . . ” Roy was already representing the heads of all five crime families in the city of New York. The five crime families would meet in his law office because the feds couldn’t eavesdrop. It was lawyer-client. That’s cohn-mapplethorpe_0where the bosses got together, in his office. The feds couldn’t do anything. That was an attraction to Donald.

Donald was new to the Manhattan scene. He had just moved to Manhattan. He was looking to make connections. He went to a club where connections can be made. He met Roy there. And he ran past Roy the facts of this Justice Department suit. Now, keep in mind that this is the Richard Nixon Justice Department suing on the basis of racial discrimination. It had to be a pretty clear case, right? 

And Roy took on the case. And he sort of gave Donald the answers that Donald was looking for, which is that he would be a pit bull in the case and he would take on the Justice Department. And he did that. He called these Jewish lawyers who brought the lawsuit—he called them Gestapo agents.

And he filed a major countersuit against the Justice Department that the judge basically laughed at that was just filled with all kinds of gross statements about the prosecutors, you know, even suggesting that one of them was interested in sex with Donald, you know, throwing out every conceivable allegation, which the courts just rejected. The government wrote a very carefully documented brief. It was a pretty compelling case. And Donald’s response to that and Roy’s response to that was total bombast. Make the ugliest allegations you can against your accuser.

So these were signs from the get-go, Donald was looking for the dark side. He was angling for the dark side. He understood that the dark side was the way of power. And he proved to be correct.

I had lunch many times with Roy Cohn. I got to know him over the years, and it was like having lunch with Satan. Roy Cohn ate with his fingers. I kid you not. He brought a little glass inside of his coat pocket. He would pop little white pills when he thought you weren’t looking. He was the most satanic figure I ever met in my life. He was almost reptilian. I think he’s going to handle the swearing-in at the inauguration. They’re not going to bring a judge, they’re going to have Roy. And then Roy’s going to go back to the White House and fuck a 12-year-old. In the Oval Office.

Wayne Barrett


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