Mongo Rejects Negro-Befouled Playset

The Obamas offered to pass on to Mongo a playset installed on the White House grounds for use by daughters Malia and Sasha, thinking perhaps Mongo’s eleven-year-old son, Barron [sic] Mongo, or perhaps Mongo’s eight grandchildren, might enjoy clambering upon the construct.

Mongo’s response? “You’ve got to be fucking shitting me.”

“Some 62,979,879 howling racists did not vote for Mongo so that he would permit the fruit of his loins to handle objects befouled by Negroes,” The Gargoyle explained at a press conference, one limited to obama-playsetrepresentatives of Fox, Breitbart, Stormfront, and Sputnik.

The Gargoyle assured those assembled that “Mongo would put his hand in fire, rather than allow his spawn to touch people, places, or things that have been Negrified.”

The Gargoyle also announced that The Nazi has assembled a squadron of Sturmmanner who shall move in to fumigate the entirety of the White House residence and grounds “just as soon as the Negroes depart.”

Confederate General Jefferson Beauregard seSSions III will, The Gargoyle said, and “due to his vast experience with sheets,” meanwhile take charge of gathering up and burning all the White House linen, “that has been bestained by Negritude.”

“We shall burn these filthily contaminated rags in public, right on the White House lawn,” The Gargoyle said, “to show the people that Mongo keeps his promises.” She stated that four Mexicans, two Muslims, and a journalist with blood coming out of her wherever, would be employed as fuel for the seSSions sheet-fire.

“Sadly, the White House has been sorrily blackened these past eight years, as has the nation,” the Gargoyle continued. “Mongo promised to Make America White Again. Which is why all 62,979,879 of his voters cast ballots for him. And so, that’s just what he’s doing.”

Jawohl!” seconded The Nazi.


1 Response to “Mongo Rejects Negro-Befouled Playset”

  1. 1 bluenred January 17, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    Mongo having rejected the playset, because it was Negro-befouled, the Obamas donated it to the Jobs Have Priority Naylor Road Family Shelter in southeast Washington, DC.

    The Rainbow-brand structure, which has a plaque that says “Malia and Sasha’s Castle,” has a slide, a fort, a climbing wall and rope, three regular swings, a tire swing, and a picnic table etched with the names of all 44 presidents.

    The Obamas came by Monday “and pitched in with a half-dozen school-age children painting an indoor mural of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and butterflies.”

    As the president pushed two girls on the swing Monday, he noted that Sasha was not much smaller when the family moved into the White House.

    “Brings back memories,” he said.


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