Birthday Boy

I was virtually trying anything. I really had a hunger to experience everything that life had to offer, from the opium den to whatever. And I think I have done just about everything that it’s possible to do—except really dangerous things, like being an explorer. But anything that Western culture has to offer—I’ve put myself through most of it.

But I’m not a particularly hedonistic person—I tried my best. I was up there with the best of them. I pushed myself into areas just for experiment and bravado, to see what would happen. But, in the final analysis, it’s not really me.

The lesson that I’ve probably learnt more than anything else is that my fulfilment comes from spiritual investigation. And that doesn’t mean I want to find a religion to latch on to. It means trying to find the inner-life of the things that interest me—whether it’s how a painting works, or exactly why I enjoy going for a sail on a lake—even though I can’t swim more than 15 strokes.

I really do feel an overwhelming thankfulness that I can get out of bed every day; that I still have all my faculties, and that nowadays my appetites seem to be sane ones. That’s enough. Sometimes I’m so happy I depress people.

David Bowie

Still, you were a 15-year-old kid and he was an adult man with a lot of experience, and power, and drugs. You don’t see any problem with that now?

I was an innocent girl, but the way it happened was so beautiful. I remember him looking like God and having me over a table. Who wouldn’t want to lose their virginity to David Bowie?

But did it ever feel like there was something unusual about it?

No. You need to understand that my life has never been normal. I have always been special. I always felt like the universe was taking care of me.

Lori Mattix

4 Responses to “Birthday Boy”

  1. 1 nancy a January 8, 2017 at 10:51 pm

    “…..anyone who ever played a part
    They wouldn’t turn around and hate it…..”

    Happy Birthday David ~ wherever you are……….

    • 2 bluenred January 9, 2017 at 1:33 pm

      I know now why all these musicians are dying. They can’t bear to be in the same world as this:

      • 3 nancy a January 10, 2017 at 9:05 pm

        Of course you are right..

        But isn’t it some sort of high crime or at least misdemeanor to post this in a thread with Bowie, Lori and Lou??? : )

        Just one year today but it’s been so long……

        • 4 bluenred January 10, 2017 at 9:32 pm

          Probably a crime, yes, but then he is a criminal, making the musicians go away, to avoid his criminality.

          Did you know he is now claiming to have been a member of Pink Floyd?

          His lies, they shall never end . . . .

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