Into The Valley Of Death Rode The Moronos

So the Dudley Do-Rights of the Democratic Party have decided that the best way to effectively combat Mongo is to rely on the same mutants and morons who ran the Clinton II campaign like quaalude sufferers stumbling sa1031around in a three-legged sack race.

The Democratic National Committee is building a “war room” to battle President-elect Mongo, pressure the new Republican administration on a variety of policy matters and train a spotlight on Russia’s alleged cyberattacks to influence the 2016 election.

The DNC’s new communications and research operation [will] be staffed by former aides to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign[.]

This is as if the British had decided, after the twin bunglements of the Seige of Sevastopol and the Charge of the Light Brigade, to reward Lord Raglan, the master of the disasters, by promoting him to King.

Raglan at least had the decency to take to his bed, and there perish of depression and dysentery, rather than return again to the field.

4 Responses to “Into The Valley Of Death Rode The Moronos”

  1. 1 nancy a January 3, 2017 at 6:32 pm

    It is a Well Known Fact that David Robert Jones has a song for every occasion.

    So here it is :

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