There Are Always, Now, Alas, Twits At Christmas

Away from his twit machine, for not even one day, can The Monster stray.

And so, today, even as people were tucking away unnamed-1in the manger, trying to secure some heavenly peace, he was up there in the tower, snuffling up the Panzer powder, blowing baloney hard, showering it, in chunks, upon all the world.

A sampling, of The Monster’s most recent yuletide emissions:

I have only the best Christmas, tremendous Christmas, Jesus and Santa are both here with me—they voted for me, twice each!

Bethlehem has brown people in it—sad! On January 20, this will change. Jesus was white!

People who say happy holidays are against Jesus and me. Time to drain them into a swamp!

Muslims don’t have Christmas—Unamerican! They should at least eat at a Chinese restaurant, like Jews!

Jesus said “I come with a sword.” Me too—bigly! I also come with my daughter!

Merry Christmas to all, even to the haters and losers. You’ll soon get yours. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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