We Are The Eggman

i am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together
see how they run like pigs from a gun see how they fly
i’m crying

Sometimes the people, they wonder: “whyfor if Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, is the day all about rabbits laying eggs and then giving them away to children?”

The answer is simple, really.

First it must be recalled that the revised standard authorized version of the life and works of Jesus of Nazareth in that volume today known as the New Testament agglomerated in the Fourth Century CE courtesy of a claque of ruthless politicians seeking to ensure that the faithful would forever: (1) be Catholic; (2) obey in all and every thing walks with me and he talks with mechurch hierophants, and only church hierophants; and (3) hate Jews.

The 27 “books” selected for and sanctified in said New Testament were carefully selected from among several hundred gospels, narratives, and letters regarding Jesus that were floating about at the time. All those works that were rejected from the New Testament were subsequently denounced as heresy and subjected to pogrom by fire, the goal to remove them first from existence and then from memory. In this the burners were, for the most part, and for nearly two millennia, successful. Many of those works disappeared forever; others, secreted away in advance of the firestarters in, for example, tightly sealed clay jars in remote arid caves, remained hidden from view for some 1600 years. Until this, the most recent era, when every square inch of the planet is being unearthed and examined, for one reason or another. And thus it is now possible to read such long-suppressed, forgotten, works as the Gospel of Philip, the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Judas, the Apocalypse of Peter, the Gospel of James, the Gospel of Truth, The Mystery, the Testimony of Truth, The Thunder, Perfect Mind, the Secret Gospel of James, and so on, and on and on and on.

The 27 books selected and sanctified for the New Testament did not take their place for reasons of “truth”; that is, it was not perceived that they hewed closest to What Is and What Was, whereas the countless rejected works had strayed into error. Instead, the great 27 were selected, and all the rest forbidden, for political reasons.

The earthly existence of Jesus of Nazareth caused a ripple in human consciousness. His core message—everyone is god, and the maya of the world is a clown car from which each god should disembark to get about, with Love, what is Real—naturally and intentionally had a quantum effect: each god permitted and indeed encouraged to See and Do as the individual spirit moved. Many of the books burst into flame by the firestarters, among them those referenced above, quite explicitly set forth this message.

The men with the flamethrowers, that is, the selectors of the books that would become known as the New Testament, these were devotees of bad fitthe cult of Saul of Tarsus—that self-confessed liar, murderer, and thief—a man who had experienced a brainshower that Jesus should be retarded into a pagan sun-king, his worship rigidly supervised by a priest-caste, of which he, Saul, naturally, would be The Ruler. These Saulites did not want any vision of Jesus walking about that encouraged everybody to be god and pursue the Real, for such would seriously interfere with the power and money flow, which of course should accrue to them. So into the flames all the Bad Books did go.

Too, those most resistant to the Saulites in the latter’s cabining of the quantum Jesus to a narrow little sphincter, these were those folks identified with James, brother of Jesus, who had from the get-go regarded Jesus as what he was: a devout Jew, offering revelation in the traditional Jewish mystical tradition. Thus the great Jew-hate deliberately salted away among the 27 books selected by the Saulites for the New Testament: the Saulites, in their unholy war to squeeze the infinitely round Jesus into their little square hole, perceived the James people, the “Jews for Jesus,” as their primary foe (because Saulites thought in such pre-monolith terms as “foes”), and thus crafted their New Testament as a weapon with which to libel, discredit, and kill Jews. Their piece de resistance was inscribing, in their revised standard authorized version, the lie that “Jews killed Jesus.” When, in historical reality, Jews had neither the desire, much less the power, to do any such thing. Jesus was killed by Romans. A glow-in-the-dark freak who wandered around telling people they were all god, every one, and that the Romans, as “Romans,” weren’t even Real, such a person quite naturally needed, from the Roman point of view, to have holes spiked into his body and then be hoisted onto the wood until he was dead, dead, dead.

But the Saulite lie, that it was the Jews who killed Jesus, this lie, through the New Testament, and through weekly priest-caste ritual, entered the annals of collective “truth,” thereby generating millennia of mad Jew-hatred, which reached its most perfect expression in the Holocaust.

Well done, Saul.

Besides the aforementioned Gospel of James, and Secret Gospel of James, there also today exists, again, the long-suppressed book, also attributed to Jesus’ brother James, the Secret Gospel of James Regarding the no on realityResurrection of My Brother Jesus as An Egg-Laying Rabbit.

In this tome, we learn that after the Romans spiked and then hoisted Jesus up onto the wood, for saying everyone is god and “Romans” aren’t Real, and after up there Jesus died, the people said, well, that’s that, as ever, better get him into the ground, before he goes ripe. So they brought him down, and washed him, and then laid the corporeal container in a sort of cave. From which, three days later, he burst forth as an invisible rabbit who laid eggs and then secreted them away so that children could experience joy in finding them.

The reason for this, James explains in this gospel, is that Jesus wanted to get across to people that not only is death just one more manifestation of maya, which everyone who is god—and everyone is god—can and should elide, but that, even through the utter permanent devastation of total irrevocable loss, one can try to tease fun from it . . . and what could be more fun than a giant invisible rabbit who lays eggs for the joy of children?

Now, it is a little-known fact that James, brother of Jesus, he has never died. For it is he, James, who is the legendary Wandering Jew, a Jew of the time of Jesus, who, it is said, shall walk this earth for so long as walk upon it people.

Over the millennia, James, wandering, he has taken many forms. One such form was as “James Stewart.” And it was in that form, as “Jimmy Stewart,” that James offered us the gospel of Harvey, the true-life documentary film in which a giant invisible rabbit lays eggs, stops clocks, encourages people to bestow upon themselves and one another love and peace and fellowship, and transports those who wish to go to hither and yon . . . for Harvey, as his brother James tells us in the film, “has overcome not only time and space—but any objections.”

Anyone who doubts that Jimmy Stewart was James, brother of and in Christ, can regard below his brief, rhymed gospel, the Gospel of Beau:

Still, there could come the objection: if Jesus wanted people to Understand, why did he roll away the stone to emerge as a giant invisible rabbit who laid eggs for the joy of children? Why, instead, didn’t he emerge as in the Saulite version, to sternly lecture his erstwhile fraternity brothers; or as in the Tim LaHaye version, to personally machine-gun bunches of Wrong people; or as in the Mormon version, to sail away to North America to there tell the Indians to Worship and Behave?

Because a giant invisible rabbit who lays eggs for the joy of children is something children understand. And children are those who best appreciate that everybody, everything, is god, and that a giant invisible rabbit who lays eggs is no more some lesser maya than “money,” or a “city,” or a “job.” A child has not yet made the titanic mistake of putting away childish things. And thus knows that, in this minute, Jesus is an invisible rabbit, bringing eggs he has laid, to anyone who wants them, all over the world, and that all we rest, as god as was Jesus, should, and shall, from charity, which is love, do the same.


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