All Of You

Take heart.

Well, yeah, sure. I know what it looks like. Bleak. Here on this Terra.

But—understand—all this stuff, the all and every, allof all and every, that is Wrong—it’s just, really, a sort of historical document. A hearthurt, heartburst, recording of last throes.

Because: the wars, the killing, the hurt, the pain, all the fucking madness—it’s over.

Like the cities. And the money. And the jobs. And all the other sad, silly, folderol.

Blake, wandering in his garden, nodding to the angels, he did say, that the problem was that the doors of perception, they have not been cleansed.

Yeah, well, mine, today: they’ve been cleansed.

And so, today, I see you, as you really are.

All of you are naked. All of you are awake. And all of you are into the great wide open.

2 Responses to “All Of You”

  1. 1 Alexa March 26, 2015 at 8:46 pm

    you know my vision is iffy but the first photo — convex or concave? innerestin. what’s the story on that pic?

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