On Tuesday Benjamin Netanyahu will be beaten like a gong by the voters of his nation. They are tired of his act, and they want him to go home.

“We have a major concern that a few Knesset seats will [be lost] due to voters who support Likud but just won’t vote, and it’s not clear if we will overcome this,” the [Likud] party figure said, adding: “The problem is not Likud. People oopsjust don’t want to vote Netanyahu.”

As was redly observed here, Netanyahu should never have involved himself in politics.

For while Ben was still a young man, his older brother, Yonatan, was killed during the 1976 raid on Entebbe.

This changed young Ben utterly. Unto, at last, in these days, concluding that anyone who does not instantly fall on their knees, and kiss his feet, is most probably some form of terrorist.

To wit: you can be a craven tootsie-kisser, like the shameless Rand Paul—”I gave the prime minister fifty standing ovations!”—or you’re ready, willing, and able to guide ISIL into Jerusalem . . . as Ben has explicitly accused his electoral opponents—fellow Jews—in frankly unbelievable campaign ads, such as this one:

Ben believed that the invitation he wangled from Speaker of the US House Of Representatives Orange Boner to travel to Washington and there throw a public tantrum before both houses of Congress assembled would assure that the Israeli people would weep and beseech he to remain in office.

But the Israeli people, having already endured Ben’s 2012 speech before the United Nations, in which he flourished drawings right out of a Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote cartoon, causing all extraterrestrials in any and all universes to agree, for their own protection, to remain an additional 50 parsecs away from the Earth, and all its works, found they could not stomach the 2015 rerun, before the Americans.

“Something isn’t going the way it should. Netanyahu’s speech to Congress last week should have created a turning point for us and strengthened Likud in the polls. It’s clear that we didn’t achieve the desired outcome,” a senior figure in Likud told Haaretz.

So, in these, the final days, Ben has elected to bellow that a Nefarious International Conspiracy has united to Bring Him Down.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and others close to him have repeatedly blamed “outside forces” for his lack of popularity.

“There is a huge global effort to bring down the Likud government,” Netanyahu told supporters at a meeting Monday[.]

Yitzhak Herzog, who on Tuesday will kick Ben’s ass out of the prime minister’s office, placidly, bluntly, accurately describes Ben, as a pathetic screw-loose.

“One of the biggest tragedies of Benjamin Netanyahu is that apparently he constantly thinks that people are plotting against him,” Herzog said in an interview with Israel Radio. “It’s a big problem.”

“If they want to replace him that is not a plot. It is the vote of Israel’s citizens, it is a choice that every citizen has regarding the future of the country. It is not a matter of toppling the government, it is replacing the government.”

Ben, once his gong Tuesday is rung, would best head to Fox, where they would shower upon him many millions, and many million minutes of air-time, there to foam and fart and fulminate.

That is his eventual, inevitable destination. Already happened.

But it seems, alas, likely, that, at least for some more years, Ben will continue to bounce off the walls of the Israeli Knesset, embarrassing both himself, and his nation.

Pity. For:

Ben, you’re always running here and there
you feel you’re not wanted anywhere
but if you ever look behind
and don’t like what you find
there’s something you should know
you’ve got a place to go

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