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God Respects Us When We Work, But Loves Us When We Dance

Purse-lipped stick-butt prudes from Hell busted up recently a Saudi Arabian wedding party because men therein were Guilty of “loud music and inappropriate dancing.”

An unnamed official told the website that when members of the morality police raided the private property, they found the young men in “a comprising situation in their dance and shameful movements.” The official said there was also a cake and candles to celebrate atick itone of the men’s birthdays.

No details were released about how many men were arrested or their ages. The official did, however, say that the young men’s hairstyles and dress were not traditional, and urged parents to monitor this kind of behavior “because it can lead to immorality and even homosexuality.”

These “morality police” people are retrovert drooling fuckwads of the first order, who should be immediately dispatched back to the 7th Century. And without a return ticket.

People, here, in these days, are going to dance, and rub-a-dub-dub, and fuck, and what-all, and nothing you-all can, or are able to, do, is going to stop us.

For we are so Over you.

Wahhabi clerics view Western music as sinful and birthday celebrations as un-Islamic. The morality police are empowered to enforce Islamic law as practiced in Saudi Arabia, including enforcing dress codes.

We don’t care what your laws are.

And our “dress code”: it is nakedness and lubriciousness. At all times.

And so shall we fornicate, without surcease. To, sometimes, music, that is so Islamic, it even at last has an organism.

To wit:

Party, people. Come.

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