Disqualified Death’s-Head To Take All Of The Money, All Of The Names

Clinton II, recently disqualified by the Democratic National Committee from seeking the presidency as a Democrat, because she is a cruel and callous death’s-head who snickers and chortles at the killing of human beings, is nonetheless planning to suck up all of the money available to 2016 Democratic presidential contenders.

Major donors are ready to announce huge financial commitments to Hillary Clinton as soon as she she is risenannounces a second run for the White House, according to Clinton allies and Democratic fundraisers.

“The floodgates are going to open immediately, and there’s going to be a rush to get on the team,” said Don Peebles, the real estate mogul who served on President Obama’s national finance committee. “There’s nobody in the Democratic Party who can match her. Not even close.”

“It’s going to be like nothing you’ve seen,” added one top Democratic donor, who supported both of Obama’s presidential campaigns and plans to throw big support behind Clinton. “The numbers will be astounding.”

Having secured all of the money, the people of the Thanatos Candidate are now throwing a tantrum because The Black Man will not bend to her the knee and immediately turn over to her Death’s-Head Juggernaut the enormous, sophisticated email list, and associated data, keying his supporters.

“There’s a lot of data—voter data, massive email lists that Obama built and there are a lot of people who want to make sure that he spreads that wealth,” the Clinton ally said. “They want to make sure he doesn’t take it in a suitcase back to Chicago and move on. No one wants to see it disappear or have it used just to build a library.”

Oh bugger off, “Clinton ally.” Better in a suitcase, than catapulting the Death’s-Head into the White House.

Death’s-Head’s husband, Mr. Death’s-Head, is reportedly so enraged at The Black Man’s failure to crawl across cut glass to Mrs. Death’s-Head in order to fawningly present her with anything and everything she wants, that he has taken to randomly snatching women off the street and inserting his penis into them.

Mr. Death’s-Head is a howling racist who back in 1992 interrupted his campaign for the presidency to fly down to Arkansas, where he was then serving as governor, to personally preside over the execution of Ricky Ray Rector, a mentally retarded black man.

[R]icky Ray Rector became world famous upon his execution in 1992. Then Governor Bill politicsClinton left the campaign trail in January of that year to sign the warrant for Rector’s execution. Rector’s mental capacity was such that when taken from his cell as a “dead man walking” he told a guard to save his pie. He thought he would return to finish his dessert.

I try to remember this story when I am told that all Black people love Bill Clinton or that he should be considered the first Black president. Clinton wasn’t Black when Rector needed him. He was just another politician who didn’t want to be labeled soft on crime.

Then, in 2008, when The Black Man was beating Mrs. Death’s-Head like a gong in their contest for the presidency, Mr. Death’s-Head famously fumed that “a few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.”

Instead, he drank their milkshake. And is drinking it still.

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