Away In A Manger

A Russian nascent-mother can expect to pay a bribe of $4000 for a private hospital room in which to give birth. Can’t come up with the dough: deliver in a hallway.

Abortions are increasingly anathema in Russia: these days, after 12 weeks, a woman seeking abortion better cry rape. And the revivified Russian Orthodox Church, that snuffling butt-buddy of purse-lipped closet case President Vladimir Putin godin lashing uppity Russian women into jail, seeks to permanently plug up half the vaginas currently aborting.

While meanwhile there are roughly one to five million homeless children in Russia.

The government, from need, has set up, up and down the land, “baby boxes,” where mothers who cannot be, can box, for some other, their babies, rather than leave them on the streets.

And so, cats, they have taken, to caring for Russian children.

In Obinsk, a week or so ago, a “baby was abandoned in front of an apartment block and left lying on the floor on a day when temperatures were several degrees centigrade below zero.”

A local cat by the name of Masha that lived in a cardboard box in the hallway “warmed the baby for several hours with her body,” TV Zvezda channel reported yesterday.

After hearing loud cries, one of the residents opened her front door and spotted the baby on the floor, with the cat sitting beside it, licking it and trying to warm it, TV Zvezda reported.

“The residents are certain, if the cat hadn’t taken care of it, the your are so beautifulbaby wouldn’t have had a chance,” the channel’s anchor said.

Nadezhda Makhovikova, who lives in a flat on the stairway, told REN TV she went out after hearing sounds as if the cat was meowing in distress.

“When I went down, I saw it was the baby crying.”

When paramedics arrived and took the baby into the ambulance, Masha ran after them, REN TV reported.

Vera Ivanina, a paramedic, told REN TV: “She was so worried about where we were taking the baby. She ran right behind us, miaowing. She was really a rational creature.”

Russian television aired footage of the shaggy green-eyed tabby cat, fed by residents and allowed to live in the hall.

“Allowed to live in the hall.”

 . . . and she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn . . . .

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