Rush Is Right

The sad gasbag Rush Limbaugh, over the course of his elongated career, has mustered many slogans, seeking to enfold his would-be Greatness. One among them, is “Rush Is Right.”

If understood as indicating that he is a right-winger, that is, a knuckledragging de-evolved Cro Magnon Man scuttling like ragged claws across the floors of sunless silent seas, the slogan has always been accurate. If instead it is to be understood that he is “right,” as in “correct,” it has not been.

Until December 17, 2014. On that date, Rush was indeed “right,” in the sense of “correct.”

As it is said that even a blind pig snuffles upon an acorn every now and again, on that date Limbaugh voiced The Truth. And that Truth, as voiced by him, it follows below.

The ideal, the perfect ticket for the 2016 election: Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush. Now, they can figure out who’s on top jeb clintonof the ticket on their own. But when you compare their positions, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, on the key important issues, they are two peas in the same pod.

And, by the way, Barbara Bush loves Bill Clinton. Says so publicly. George W. Bush has referred to Hillary as a half-sister, long lost whatever, some such thing. The Clinton family and the Bush family are very tight. They are very close. There is never a negative or critical word uttered by a Bush of a Clinton or of a Bush by a Clinton.

Both parties want to win the nomination, Hillary by running away from the Democrat base, Jeb by running away from the Republican base. This is an ideal combination.

Both parties care about their donors more than their voters. And both parties have the exact same donor class. Mayors, stockbrokers, elite entertainment industry types, you name it. hillary bushFolks, this is a ticket made in heaven. I can’t recall a time in my life where a presidential candidate and a vice presidential candidate are so close to each other on the issues, where if one of them was unable to serve, we wouldn’t know the difference if the vice president had to take office.

If Jeb’s at the top of the ticket and they win and something happens and Hillary has to take over, nobody’d know the difference. Same token, Hillary is elected president, Jeb’s veep, Hillary can’t make it for some reason, her husband being the white Bill Cosby, might come up, you never know, then Jeb becoming president, nobody’d know the difference. Wouldn’t skip a beat.

Bipartisanship, crossing the aisle, united government, no more gridlock, key agreement on all the important issues that people vote on. Clinton-Bush ’16. You choose the top.

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