I Am For This Man

the man

For your consideration, as the next President of the United States:

Frank Chu holds Bill Clinton, Grover Cleveland, George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and other former US Presidents responsible for working with the populations of the 12 Galaxies and directing the CIA, FBI, Universal Studios, and other agencies and corporations to embezzle royalties owed to him as the star of a television and movie series called “The Richest Family.” Chu believes he has starred in the series since childhood, which has been a major success in other galaxies. Yet because the syndicated series is shot with top-secret invisible cameras and edited weekly, Chu claims he was unaware of it until he received telepathic messages from supportive former Soviet and UN presidents in the mid-1990s. Chu asserts that many of the US presidents responsible are actually duplicates, therefore his protests have frequently called for the impeachment of Clinton even after Clinton was no longer in office. The 12 Galaxies also regularly commits war crimes and treasons in this and in other galaxies.


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