The Melancholy Of Anatomy: Void

I’m afraid of America. Whenever I’m in New York I always have the feeling that it’s going to cave in and all I can think about is how to avoid being there when that happens. The same goes for other places in America. You don’t get all those people and all that noise in the streets of California as you do in New York but, bye byein turn, there’s a huge number of cars going to and fro and I always have serious doubts as to whether there any Americans inside. You know: who’s inside? I’ve always got the impression that those cars drive themselves.

—Krzysztof Kieslowski, Kieslowski On Kieslowski

What I find most interesting about New York is that, before the white people came, the island was home to some 15,000 Lanape people.

This means that 15,000 is the number of human beings the island can naturally, comfortably support.

And that, save for some 15,000 souls, all the rest of the eight million-some people currently suffering there, on that island: they need to—and will—move on.

What I find most interesting about Los Angeles is that, once the white people came, the first building erected there, was a jail.


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