Great Moments In Cinema

Sam [Peckinpah] would simply hole up on the weekends with a whiskey bottle. So we went to him and said, “Come, on, Sam! We’re only a few hours drive from Venice. Let’s go look at the gondolas.” Sam came along. But when he got to fat cityhis hotel in Venice, he went straight upstairs and stayed there.

The next day, in the lobby of the hotel, I ran into Federico Fellini. I told him Sam was upstairs. Fellini insisted on being taken to meet him. He said Peckinpah was one of his favorite directors.

So, we went upstairs. I knocked on Sam’s door. Sam growled, “Who is it?” I said it was me. He said to come in. We walked in. He was lying stark naked on top of his bed with a bottle in his hand. “Sam,” I said, “I’d like you to meet Federico Fellini.”

Sam opened his eyes, sat straight up in bed, said, “Thank you so very much for giving us all those wonderful films,” and fell back on the bed again.

And that was the historic meeting of two great directors.

James Coburn


2 Responses to “Great Moments In Cinema”

  1. 1 sally December 21, 2013 at 11:36 pm

    Ho — I love both Fellini and Peckinpaw– Used to watch them in a hole-in-the-wall theater with metal chairs to sit (on Telegraph in Bezerkely.) And then in another theater (?) on 10th in Modesto, where the rats ran wild across your feet. Some good soul posted a note warning all not to wear sandals or open-toed shoes. I miss the good old days and it’s sad to think I haven’t seen a Peckinpaw or a Fellini in ages. Sothlice.

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