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Orwell Suffers Unspeakable Torments

(By popular request, another entry in the Orwell is Eeyore series).

Many thanks for letter. I hope the enclosed MS is what you wanted. I infer from what you would no doubt call your handwriting that you were taught script whinyat school; the result is that I can’t read a single word of the manuscript part of your letter, so I may not have followed your instructions exactly.

I am suffering unspeakable torments with my serial, having already been at it four days and being still at the second page. This is because I sat down and wrote what was not a bad first installment, and then upon counting it up found it was 3500 words instead of 2000. Of course this means rewriting it entirely. I don’t think I am cut out for a serial-writer.

Even if my serial doesn’t come to anything, and I don’t expect it to, I intend taking a week or so off next month. My people have asked me to come down and stay with them, and if I can get my sister to drive me over, as I don’t think I can drive her present car, I will come over and see you.

I forwarded a letter this evening which had urgent proofs in it. I hope it gets to you in time, but it had already been to your old address. You ought to let editors and people know that you have changed your address.

—George Orwell, letter to Rayner Heppenstall, September 1935


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