Reality Theatre

This week we were asked to endure the dog and pony show in a clown car known as “Benghazi.”

“Benghazi” is single-word shorthand for the most recent of innumerable attempts by members of the Confederate States of America to once and for rightall Get the black man, the black man who has committed the unpardonable sin of occupying the White House.

Though this week’s was hardly the first “Benghazi” “hearing.”

Oh no. These things recur cyclically. Like locusts. Or lice. Or scabies.

My favorite so far was the “Benghazi hearing” where Congressional members of the Confederate States of America, so avid to Get the black man, unthinkingly babbled and blurted, publicly, the classified information that the so-called Benghazi “US consulate” was in fact a CIA spy-nest.

During a recess, some Sane person advised them of their boneheadedness. They then came back to announce the hearing was adjourned, and that everyone should just forget all about it.

“Benghazi” refers to a September 11, 2012 assault on a CIA spy-nest in the Libyan city of Benghazi, wherein Bad Brown People succeeded in killing the US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, an information officer, and two mercenaries contracted to the CIA.

From the get-go, members of the Confederate States of America wedded themselves, till death do they part, to a Reality in which the black man bubbled up some popcorn, and then sat there in the White House Situation Room, and laughed and laughed, as he watched, in real-time, four Americans die in Libya.

More recently, members of the Confederate States of America have hitched themselves to a second Reality. In this one, the lazy, shiftless, shuffling, bumbling black man went off to bed without knowing or caring one whit what was going on in Benghazi—downing a couple 40-ouncers, and then hitting the sack, so he could get up early to go waste the (white) taxpayers’ money by playing golf or basketball.

On Wednesday of this week I heard the towering ignoramus Sean Klannity advance both these Realities as if they were both equally and at the same time true.

For, in their hatred of the black man, members of the Confederate States of America have gone quantum.

You see, in quantum physics, it is possible, say, for something to be both a wave and a particle, simultaneously; for an object to remain whole, but also, simultaneously, split to pass through two separate doors; for a cat in a box to be both, and at the same time, dead and alive.

So too, in the quantum Realities occupied by the people of the Confederate States of America, it is possible for the black man to both eat popcorn and laugh as he watches Americans die, and also, simultaneously, sleep through the whole thing.

Clearly, people who think in this way, are not really using their brains. Their brains are instead locked leftaway in some deep shelter. To which they have no access.

It would be nice to conclude that it is only rightwhacks who suffer in this way.

But no.

For shortly before I tuned into Klannity, to monitor his latest arrow-through-the-head take on this and that, I had spent some time with a brain-in-deep-shelter nimrod who spins a propellor upon his beanie over there on the left.

Yes. I had paid one of my periodic visits to the twilight zone of Tony Cartalucci.

Cartalucci is an alleged “lefty” freelance froot loop who places pieces in the various turds that Alex Jones floats in the punch bowl of the intertubes, on the flaccid Iranian government organ Press TV, and with something called Liberty Roundtable, which foams at every orifice that “Masonic Jewish financiers” are “advancing a totalitarian ‘New World Order’,” with Jews as “foot soldiers and cannon fodder in a diabolical multi-generational plot to destroy Christian Civilization.”


When not sticking a hatpin through his frontal lobe at these other sites, Cartalucci also dribbles and drabbles in his own digs, a place known to me as minddestroyer.

During the 20 minutes or so I most recently spent surfing the Cartalucci minddestroying sewage, I learned that:

—The Russian puck band Pussy Riot—with several members currently in jail for offending Vladimir Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church—consists of nothing but “bigots and hooligans,” in willing service to “Wall Street and London.”

Aung San Suu Kyi is a slavering murderer, jefe of a crazed cabal of “genocidal bigots” in monks’ clothing, a willing cat’s-paw of “Wall Street & London,” and guilty of “sedition.”

—Global climate change is a total hoax, perpetrated by “banksters and oilmen.”

—The Boston Marathon bombing was a “US/Saudi/Israeli” false-flag operation. At the same time, the two Tsarnev brothers—including 19-year-old Zhokhar Tsarnev—are “longtime CIA double agents,” who somehow suddenly and unaccountably ran amok. (Note that it is possible for the minddestroyers to believe that the bombing was both a US/Saudi/Israeli false-flag operation, and the work of deep-cover Western spooks who went rogue . . . in the same way that the rightwhacks believe the black man both ate popcorn and laughed while Americans died in Benghazi, and also was asleep and knew nothing about it. Quantum.)

—The Muslim Brotherhood is owned and controlled by Israel.

—The Chechen national resistance movement, which has been around for 600 years or so, was created by the CIA.

In this last nuttery, there is at least some Hope. For if the CIA did indeed found a movement that came into being some 550 years before the CIA itself was created, this means the agency must have secured the secret of time travel.

And since the CIA can never really keep anything secret for long, this means the rest of us will soon be able to be out and about time-traveling too.

And so we can then go into the future. To a time when people, left and right, do not keep their brains locked away in deep shelters. But instead actually use them.

Soon be the day.

11 Responses to “Reality Theatre”

  1. 1 bluenred May 10, 2013 at 3:28 am

    Go ahead and jump.

    for i know that the hypnotized never lie
    do ya

    • 2 nancy a May 10, 2013 at 12:50 pm

      Question: How many Confederate Staters can even spell Benghazi?? Find it on a map ? : )

      And how did i miss Tony Cartalucci ??

      Yeah — Hooligans..

  2. 4 Julia Rain (the deviant daughter) May 16, 2013 at 5:34 pm

    I laughed out loud when I read “The Muslim Brotherhood is owned and controlled by Israel” and the other people on the bus stopped ululating about how THIS time the “unconstitutional” Obamacare would finally be repealed, to stare at me.

    Quantum physics also enabled me to converse with a Wal-Mart employee who swore that Obama was a secret Muslim, but also needed to foam at the mouth about Rev. Wright.

    I’m looking forward to the CIA time machine. Maybe someone can get the Confederates who revealed Benghazi as a spy’s nest to divulge its whereabouts.

    • 5 bluenred May 16, 2013 at 8:25 pm

      I am sorry that you are trapped on the bus with idjits. The bus-people here are generally nice, and also sane. When they get too out there, the bus idjits, you should just stand up and wave your arms and say “Danger Will Robinson!” That should shut them up.

      • 6 Julia Rain (the deviant daughter) May 25, 2013 at 12:13 pm

        The bus people are nice here too, because I am white. And a sweet, innocent girl. The entire populace is just downtrodden and ignorant, honestly. It’s rather sad. Getting a G.E.D. is considered a pinnacle achievement. And the bus drivers are actually pretty cool, especially the one who likes to swear a lot and really likes me.

        Perhaps shortly before I move, I may have to shout Danger Will Robinson.

        • 7 bluenred May 25, 2013 at 12:32 pm

          Even people in your region who educationally achieve beyond the GED seem to run into some problems. I was reading the other day about a judge up your way who is in some trouble because he took to snorting all the cocaine that was entered into evidence during the proceedings before him. Then, yesterday, Sean Klannity brought on as a substitute host a woman who has a hate-radio show there in your fair state. A clump of mildewed oat hay is more intelligent and articulate than this lady. I blame Three Mile Meltdown. Besides making the whole state glow in the dark, it mutates brain cells into crusty mud.

          • 8 Julia Rain May 30, 2013 at 5:28 pm

            Every time Pennsylvania makes national news I have to do an inward groan, because it is never for anything positive, apart from on presidential election night. Mildewed oat hay would certainly be an improvement over the current governor, who likes to appear on national newscasts wondering why women might consider vaginal probes invasive, and asking if anyone can introduce him to some qualified Latinos, since he can’t find any.

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