Just Another Sunday, Here At The Manor


2 Responses to “Just Another Sunday, Here At The Manor”

  1. 1 sally May 5, 2013 at 11:12 am

    I love it when you leave me totally confused. Nicholas Cage and an iguana before breakfast makes my day interesting. Is this a sterling movie I have missed and should see? A friend of mine who “baby-sat” Val Kilmer (yes, I said baby-sat) and drove Kilmer to school when he was little said he was a loser as a human being. But to far more important things — I never saw an iguana’s epiglotus ( epiglattus?)( epi-something ) That thing that hangs down in the back of a throat(?) It’s far more fascinating in a singing iguana than when I checked out mine in the mirror a few minutes ago. Oh, I wish Sundays in my MANSION were as wondrous as yours in your MANOR. Later — Namaste xoxox

    • 2 bluenred May 5, 2013 at 11:39 am

      I believe it is a sterling film. At least for those who appreciate Herzog’s anthropological approach to this planet (and its people) as an alien environment.

      The film is set in New Orleans, and, as this clip demonstrates, Herzog is as fascinated—or more so—with the region’s reptiles and amphibians, as he is with the humans.

      This film is supposedly a “police procedural,” but it is like no such film that has gone before. For instance, the required shoot-out between the real baddies, and the semi-baddies, has almost no blood, and culminates with Cage, giddily riding multiple crack-hits, instructing a fellow semi-baddie to shoot again a seemingly expired baddie, “because his soul is still dancing.” And the camera indeed reveals, next to the baddie’s recumbent form, a madly dancing soul. Which continues to dance, until the baddie receives several more bullets.

      The sort of thing David Lynch can only aspire to.

      The film concludes with Cage, defeated, but still striving, seated before a huge aquarium, wondering, intently, if “fish dream.”

      I too have heard that Kilmer is mad as a hatter, which has more or less derailed his film career (see also, for instance, Sean Young). In this film he is bloated nearly beyond recognition, I think because he is carrying more whiskey in his corporeal container than exists in all the distilleries in Ireland. Still, we have Thunderheart, the apogee of his work.

      The “original” Bad Lieutenant is an Abel Ferrara effort, in which, as ever, he endeavors, and fails, to exorcise his Catholicism.

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