Light Moves

So it seems that some Science Men have now determined that the speed of light is not so constant after all.

Across the great water, intensively studying light moves, are March let there beUrban of the University of Paris-Sud, and Gerd Leuchs and Luis L. Sanchez-Soto of the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Light in Erlangen, Germany.

Let us note parenthetically that it is Good to see the French and the Germans getting along.

In any event, these three Science Men will soon be publishing two new Studies in European Physical Journal D (what’s with that name?) that will posit that light basically travels at whatever speed it Feels Like.

A major part of the discussion in both studies is the nature of a vacuum, which on a quantum level is not, as most believe, empty. Rather, it is filled with particle pairs.

First, Urban and his team propose that there are in fact a limited number of particle pairs including electron-positron or quark-antiquark pairs within a vacuum. This opens the possibility that the speed of light can then fluctuate at a level independent of the energy of each light quantom or photon. In other words, the speed of light would depend on the vacuum properties of space and time.

In their study, Leuchs and Sanchez-Soto found that variations in the speed of light can reveal the number of charged elementary particles in any given space. If correct, the value of the speed of light can then be combined with the value of vacuum impedance in order to determine the total number of charged elementary particles that exist in nature.

My colleague and I are a particle pair. And sometimes one or both of us can get a little quarky. When this occurs, there is generally less light. Also, it moves slower. Sometimes, like, at a crawl.

People who do not have a Science Lab can still observe variations in the speed of light, by noting light’s reaction when it encounters certain humans.

Light streaming around Sarah Palin, for instance, can be seen to slow considerably, so appalled is it in encountering farm animal stops lightthis transdimensional being from a Wrong Portal.

And light can be detected coming to a dead stop when it encounters the cabeza of Rick Perry, noted farm animal. This is because, as revealed here on red in a Science Study published in December of 2011, the farm animal’s head contains a supermassive mini-black hole, which swallows all light.

The farm animal cranium, it is where light goes to die.

After the farm-animal campaign for the United States presidency crashed and burned in early 2012, the creature was quietly spirited away to a Lab, where he was Studied, as to the effects of supermassive mini-black holes on the human—or, in his case, quasi-human—brain.

Unfortunately, he escaped from the Lab before the Studies were completed. And is now thrashing and bellowing down there in Texas about maybe running for president again. Causing all light, to quake in Fear.


3 Responses to “Light Moves”

  1. 1 Julia Rain (the deviant daughter) April 25, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    I love it when accepted scientific fact gets turned on its head in this way.When quantum physics and metaphysics are virtually indistinguishable, that’s when the real progress will begin, and all will become possible.

    Of course light can travel at whatever speed it feels like. It’s IS, after all, light. 🙂

    Have I ever mentioned that David, while mechanically toiling away with tedious potato chip business at work, is in his head endeavoring to reconcile the theory of relativity with quantum mechanics and thereby posit the unified theory? He’s got a really interesting concept going, the trouble being that despite the fact that his math skills far outweigh my own, he’s not quite at the level of being able to work out the equations to go along with his theory. This is what he would need to do to submit his theory to a Journal. Which he has no interest in doing, incidentally. Pondering complex physics conundrums is just a hobby he likes to pursue while bored at work.

    Still, we have this fancy tv box that has an entire lecture series on advanced mathematics available on it, so I keep trying to nudge him to check it out. I’d join him of course, if it weren’t for the fact that my brain would probably blink out into a parallel dimension, in order to escape the torment

    • 2 bluenred April 25, 2013 at 6:49 pm

      It’s good that David is endeavoring to solve that mystery. Has he thought about consulting the potato chips? Maybe they know math. ; )

      • 3 Julia Rain (the deviant daughter) April 25, 2013 at 8:57 pm

        I don’t know that letting the potato chips in on the unified theory is necessarily a good idea…

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