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Dead Wood

When I moved into the Manor here last spring, it took a while to determine which trees were with me, and which were not.

Non-evergreen trees, when dormant, can look pretty poorly. Sickly sticks, with feet. Are you alive, I would ask them? Or the Other?

Many of them would not answer for some leaning tree  of heretime. Pretty pokey, in putting their leaves out.

Finally, though, round about summer, it became clear that everybody was living—except for this one old grizzled dude at the front of the property. I kept hoping he would send out just a leaf or two. But: no such luck.

Finally, I had to face it: that tree had gone over.


Who knows? These things happen.

In keeping with the national pastime, I blame Obama.

Dead things, standing, eventually they fall. And so it was with this person. We have been having some storms here, which is Normal, for this time of year, notwithstanding the amusing hair-on-fire amongst the weather-frenzied. And part of the Job of storms is to lay to rest dead things. So they can go back to the soil, and meanwhile provide homes for all sorts of people still living. So, somewhere amongst the recent wind and the rain, I noticed that this tree had been uprooted, and was leaning into a big fir. The fir doesn’t care: it is big, and alive, and the dead guy is comparatively small, and probably doesn’t weigh much of anything, being dead and all.

I suppose the Normal thing to do is to get some Man out here with a Loud Saw to wrest it to the ground and cut it into rounds.


Over there in Italy, they have a Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is a tourist attraction. Humans come to look at it, and even spend Money. Why shouldn’t they come to gaze upon the Leaning Tree of Here? Maybe they will even give me Money. If they give me enough, I can retire. Or at least afford to feed all these welfare-recipient “wild” animals who have somehow decided I am the filler of the feedbag.

Also, the Leaning Tree of Here, since it looms over the walk I traverse to enter and exit the Manor, encourages Alertness. I mean, the thing is going to further fall, someday. It would be best, for me, if it didn’t do that while I am under it. So, when I walk under it, I am Aware. Just in case. This is called living in Present Time. Which is supposed to be good for you.

So, we shall see.


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