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What Has Happened Down Here Is The Winds Have Changed


And A Thousand Thousand Slimy Things Lived On

The 2012 presidential roadshow closed less than a week ago, after what seemed like a run of about 632 years, but there is no hope at all that life can now return to anything like Normal, because the forces of Nimrod are already assembling the clown car for the 2016 sequel.

Before the votes in his state had last week even been counted, Marco Rubio, the slimy Florida teabag, announced he was rushing down to Iowa November 17 to pull a corndog train. Iowa is the state that will host the first caucuses for the 2016 presidential contest, and so it is required that everyone rutting for that office start to Be There.

Rubio has written a book called 100 Innovative Ideas for Florida’s Future, the title of which seems to indicate that he is dumber than even George II. Presumably he will soon churn out a variant: 100 Knuckledragging Notions for Iowa’s Future.

Turtle Scrotum, titular head of the Confederate States of America, took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to assure the money-mad readers of that treesheet that he fully intends to spend the next four years devotedly dedicated to the task that consumed him over the past four: Hating The Black Man.

This so sickened Ashley Judd, yeehaw actor and singer, that it is said she plans to sentence herself to living in Kentucky, state of the Scrotum, in order to beat him like a gong when he runs for re-election two years hence.

Gail Collins, generally a nice woman and decent writer, fitted herself for a clown nose by penning a piece for the New York Times in which she openly lusted for a 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential candidacy.

Hillary Clinton will be 111 years old in 2016. She and her permanent boner of a husband have writhed like eels in the Sargasso Sea of American politics since the age of the steam engine.

Nothing more expresses the utter bankruptcy of the nation’s political system than the baying for a Clinton II presidency among Democrats, while Republicans meanwhile moon for a George III presidency, in the person of Jeb Bush.

It is like Americans believe they are in something like 1330 CE, and there are but two warring families vying for the crown: the darn-diggy Clintons, and the lipless Bush clan.

This is 2012. In Civilized and Sane countries, people are no longer recurrently ruled by members of the same family, over and over and over again.

At least David Petraeus tripped over his pee-pee, and so is no longer a factor in the 2016 presidential sweepstakes. The only thing worse than family dynasts seeking the White House, are generals clamoring for the place. Generals are born and bred to kill people. And the office already provides too many opportunities to do just that, without filling it with a person whose very reason to live, is to end the lives of others.

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