Disturbance At The Heron House

George II, in one of those many moments when he veritably hooted and scratched and dragged his knuckles across the ground, memorably referred to the people of Greece as “the Grecians.”

In this, at least, he was a form of prescient.

For these days, everybody—at least out here in the West—is encouraged to look upon the Greek people as a sort of terminally de-evolved form of human, rapidly descending onto animal, one that unaccountably runs wild, burning cars and throwing stones, because purportedly Saner People want them to Pay Their Debts, and then Go Back To Their Own Good Holes.

But “the Grecians,” they were busily founding Western Civilization, way back in about the 7th Century BCE. Back when everybody else in the West was about at, well, the level of George II. And it seems to me that, in these recent days, “the Grecians” have had just about a bellyful, of a bunch of jerky-cum-latelys, hectoring them about how they should behave, some 2700 years later.

You see, the Greeks were founding Western Civilization before even there was money . . . which was invented by the Lydians, round about the same time, 7th Century BCE. But over in some other country somewhere. Not some Grecian thing at all.

For the Greeks have never really been about money. They have always been more about history, science, philosophy, drama, oracles, fate, the Olympics, burning cars in the street rather than paying taxes, and pederasty.

But they’ve had a bad couple thousand years, the Greeks, and in and among those, those bad couple millennia, money got involved.

But now, it’s clear, they’ve had enough of it.

And so, last Monday, “the Grecians” went into their banks, and withdrew some $894 million euros.

Previously, between January 2010, and March 2012, the Grecians pulled out of the banks nearly one-third of all the money, that had previously resided there.

Some hair-on-fire wild man over in Wales has subsequently ululated that “[o]ver the last two years Greeks withdrew approximately 70 billion euros from their bank accounts, an amount equivalent to approximately 35 percent of Greek GDP.”

Taking into consideration the fact that the Grecians, like all Mediterranean peoples—Spanish, Portuguese, southern French, etc.—have for forever and a day given the stink-eye to banks, preferring to keep their money in the ground, and away from the tax-man, I am estimating that well over half the money in Greece is no longer in banks, but instead in mattresses, instead in the ground, instead in some other unknown place.


The reason why banks come into being in the first place, is because they were Safe.

If you kept your money, and other valuables, there at home, chances are they might be Robbed.

So you put them in a bank. There, they were safe.

But in the bizarreness that is the early 21st Century, what we have today is a place where the banks are the Robbers.

And they have so Robbed and Robbed and Robbed, that today there is now five times as much money owed in the world, as there is money.

The banks did that.

They dug a pit, that can never be climbed out of.

Which means: money is over.

The first thing that must be done, is what the Grecians are doing: starve the Robbers of the means by which they can commit their crimes.

Since the Robbers are the banks, that means depriving the banks of money.

For if they have no money, these banks, they cannot Rob.

In this, “the Grecians,” as they did 2700 years ago, are leading the way.

The second thing that must be done, comes in three parts:

(1) All current currencies, will be obviated; all current debts existing, shall be forgiven: clean slate.

(2) A single world currency—as this, as all now know, is but one world—will supplant the dead currencies.

(3) And then a scrupulously equal amount of the new single world currency—bearing images of my lover; I am printing it even now in my basement—the most beautiful currency ever seen, will be issued to every man, woman, and child on the planet.

And so, humans-in-“money,” shall start anew.

Getting it right, this time.

So let it be written.

So let it be done.

Already happened.


1 Response to “Disturbance At The Heron House”

  1. 1 possum May 23, 2012 at 6:13 am

    The first thing that must be done, is what the Grecians are doing: starve the Robbers of the means by which they can commit their crimes.” At the current rate of removal of money from most human beings the end will be that no one has money to give to a bank in the first place. The tiger chases its tail to the end result of killing off the golden goose. The cycle is endless. When there is no one left to rob the robber will starve.

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