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Quantum Leap

it keeps on getting better every day
maybe someday soon people will say:
ain’t nobody here
but good people
ain’t nobody here
but good people
ain’t nobody here
but good people

we’re just drinkin’ the wine
and lovin’ in slow motion

Best Thanksgiving to all, good people.


A Black Hole Of Apathy

When I inscribed for this blog my impressions of the mid-October Las Vegas debate between the various assorted knuckledraggers and mouth-breathers seeking the GOoPer nomination for president of the United States, a Constant Reader urged urgently in the comments that I further view and review the upcoming public roilings amid the GOoPer clown car on foreign policy.

I am here to confess: in this I tried to do my best, but I could not.

It is true that for the November 12 foreign-policy debate, I dutifully planted myself before the computer screen, prepared to do my duty.

But, after about 15 minutes, I couldn’t bear to look at those people anymore.

It was no longer possible, for just one instance, to take Rick Santorum—having discovered, definitively, that he is a grub in a skin-suit—seriously as anything but an Alien Invader. I could not help but notice, for example, that he has no teeth. And I lived in fear that, as I watched, some sort of leg would burst through, from outta his suit, pushing into view from his grub-true torso.

The horror. The horror.

Newt Gingrich, at the whale end of the stage, seemed to get fatter, every time the camera panned his way. Michele Bachmann’s eyes were something seen nowhere outside of an institution. And Rick Perry is a friggin’ farm animal. He should be debating other farm animals. Like Mr. Ed. Or maybe that pig on Green Acres. Not human beings.

So, after that 15 minutes, I went and laid down, and just listened to it.

And, after a while, it seemed even more alien. Especially because the feed kept cutting in and out. Which just heightened the feeling that these people were broadcasting from a different Reality.

Once, long ago, I turned on my TV, and received a football game that had been broadcast more than a month before. It had got lost out in space somewhere, and then bounced back onto my TV.

This, was sort of like that.

Later, I learned why the feed had cut out. And all over the world.

Because an Extremely Powerful Personage had burst from out of the confines of the bathroom to pray, publicly, that the abomination that was these people, not be permitted to reach the eyes and ears of foreigners.

Twice, this personage, publicly prayed:

Please, god, don’t let there be …foreigners watching….

Please, god, once again . . . Please block any foreign transmissions of this national embarrassment. I’m dyin’ here.

And lo: just as in Days of Old, The Lord did answer these prayers.

And so the feed was spindled, folded, mutilated. No one, anywhere, could follow much of what was going on. Mercifully. For the best.

And so, Americans were Saved.

But only for the nonce.

Because, ten days later, on November 22, the same bent GOoPer beings went at it again. Again on foreign policy. And this time, the Extremely Powerful Personage, at care on other matters, was not available to blow away the feed. It went out, and everywhere, to everybody.

On this occasion I was unable to dutifully sit, recording, before my screen, because I had earlier been called to Go into the World, and Work. And when I reached temporary fleeting screen, all was almost over.

However, I can here present to you, in this piece, words better than those I might have wrought. For—this time, the feed uninterrupted—the Greek chorus of the beings of Daily Kos offered a scabrous and exact recording of the November 22 proceedings. Liveblogging them, as they occurred.

Their Kos-being offerings for the November 12 event had been decidedly weak. Rendered not really necessary by the interruptions irrupted by the Extremely Powerful Personage.

This time, however, with the EPP away and unaware, they were able to freak-flag-fly, every horror, in neon, and in real-time. That is what is offered beyond the “furthur.” The real-time rending of their garments. Of The People.

The title of this piece, however, and I should note, is from that never-to-be-properly-covered November 12 debate. In which it was written, even before the debate had begun:

This debate is a black hole of apathy. The apathy is so dense that no caring can escape its event horizon (everything in the physical universe beyond their lips).

This, a summation, pretty much, of pretty much most of mammalian “politics,” here in this age.


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