Stop The Presses

Various and sundry Chinese government outfits regularly dispatch suggestions, requests, and orders to the nation’s media outlets, including bloggers and other denizens of the intertubes.

These are occasionally collected by the “bad elements” at China Digital Times, who explain:

Chinese journalists and bloggers often refer to those instructions, as well as other type of censorship orders to media and websites, as “Directives from the Ministry of Truth.” The Ministry of Truth (or Minitrue, in Newspeak) is one of the four ministries that govern Oceania in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four​. In the Chinese blogosphere, it is the online nickname for the Central Propaganda Department and generally speaking, all other subordinate propaganda agencies including Internet supervision departments.

A selection of these Minitrue commands, issued over the past year, follows below.

The bombings in Fuzhou, Jianxi, must be referred to as “5.26 Criminal Case.” No mention of “bombing incident” in titles will be allowed.

Urgent: Another Foxconn worker committed suicide. No reporting of any form will be allowed on interactive spaces.

Regarding the incident in which a factory worker, Xu Wu, escaped from a psychiatric hospital in Wuhan, all media outlets are not to report or comment.

For the article entitled, “Must the American-Style Lies Continue To Be Told?” all websites are requested to report in a prominent position on their website front pages.

All websites are requested to immediately delete the article, “Twenty-Nine Differences Between Democratic Countries and Autocratic Countries.”

Regarding Shanghai’s and Chongqing’s experiments with initiating property taxes, opinions that property taxes steal money are not to be reported.

All websites are requested to immediately remove the story “In China 94 Percent Are Unhappy; Top-Heavy Concentration of Wealth.”

In all media, when the names of the leaders of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and other countries are given, the names of Chinese leaders cannot appear next to them.

All websites, particularly those with video and audio channels, are to look for and delete the song “Meat Pancake” by Gamahe Danzeng.

All interactive sites, including online forums, blogs, microblogs, instant message services, and text message services are requested to note and delete information related to the item “On CCTV’s Soccer Tonight, a sign reading ‘Fuck You Japan’ is displayed in the background on the giant screen.”


1 Response to “Stop The Presses”

  1. 1 possum November 21, 2011 at 6:06 am

    Given the current state of media restriction in NYC we may be seeing a Ministry of Truth of our own very soon. Orwell was far too good at his prediction.

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