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I Never Imagined Possible

At an AFI ceremony some years ago convened to honor Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton stated that people recurrently ask her which is the favorite of her films. To which she recurrently replies, she has no favorite.

She does, however, cherish a moment in time, captured on film, in the Beatty-directed Reds, that transcended film. That in fact represents an apex of her life. She described that moment—before the AFI people, but speaking over and away from all of them, directly to Beatty—this way:

I really do want to thank you. For giving me the memory of a kind of love that I never imagined possible. Until I played your Louise. A love that transformed my very ordinary life into something extraordinary. I will never, never, never, never, never, never forget that train station in Spain. With my Walkman blasting Bob Dylan, in order to drown out your direction. When—I swear to god, this is horrible—but, after I don’t know how many takes it was, maybe 39, I don’t know, when you said—yet again—the dreaded word “action,” when suddenly—I-I-I, just don’t know how to say it. Other than to say that there was this, sweet anguish of love. That I felt, when I saw your face. In a moment, shared in time, together.

That intensely private moment, shared through celluloid with all the world, is reproduced below. The look on her face, when she finally sees, and then moves towards him, represents the best of what it means to be human.

She caught it all.

She had feared, among other things, that he wasn’t there. Maybe even dead. To learn that, for her—never. They would, instead, be always. All ways.


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