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It’s A New Dawn

So yesterday my old-time companero, Man Mountain Mike, told me the tale of how he sat witness, as a dearly beloved passed from out of the corporeal container, and into the great wide open.

None of the details he experienced and related need concern us here. Except the final ones. When he perceived that there had occurred from this man an exhale, that had seemingly not been followed by an inhale.

After waiting some moments, Man Mountain withdrew from his clothing his cellphone, snapped it open, and placed it before the ceasing man’s nostrils.

At first, I could not understand why this would be. Why, I wondered, would one press a cellphone upon a person, who seemed no longer to breathe?

“Well,” Man Mountain replied, “the phone has that glass face on it. I was seeing if it would fog with his breath.”

Of course. The 21st Century variant on the mirror. Which physicians, in the West for many centuries, used to slip beneath the nostrils of the dearly departing. To determine if they still drew breath. And, if no fog of breath appeared: that could be regarded as definitive proof, that the sufferer should be declared unto death.

And so we evolve.

Man. The tool-making animal.

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