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Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee

Not long ago I wrote on this blog that “Rick Perry looks more like a farm animal than a human being. He appears to be the result of an experiment that sought to cross a man with a steer. I’d say the experiment failed. For an obvious side-effect of this Island of Dr. Moreau monkeying with nature is that Perry was born without a brain. He is like that episode of Star Trek where Spock’s brain was lifted entirely out of his body. Dan Quayle was dim, so was George II; Perry is simply dumb. Never have I seen a man so dumb on the national political stage. What do people in other countries think, when they see this cow-man treated like an actual serious person? This is why it is Wrong to view such things [as the Republican presidential debates] without opiates.”

I would now like to retract these words. Because Rick Perry does not, in truth, look like a cross between a man and a steer.

Instead, he seems, and more precisely, like a cross between a man, and a dirt clod.

Please, as an example, observe there the photos, reproduced there to the left.

I have been around a lot of humans, and animals, in my life. But never have I encountered a look as dumb as dirt, so devoid of sentience, in any creature’s eyes, as I perceive here in the orbs of Rick Perry, attempting to explain, reading off a postcard upside down, the details of his “tax plan.”

Now, I have lived through Richard Nixon. I have lived through Ronald Reagan. I have lived through Dan Quayle. I have lived through George II. I have lived through Sarah Palin. But I refuse, absolutely, to live through Rick Perry.



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