The Eggman’s New Jones

The Eggman has always relied on dubious sourcing. It will be remembered that he made his bones during America’s unutterably insane 18-month Scarlet Letter flashback over some semen on a dress: The Eggman then drank deeply from the poisoned well of serial fabricator Lucianne Goldberg, and masticated morsels spoon-fed him by love-struck “elves” in Inspector Kenneth Javert’s office, who hoped thereby to secure the affections of their would-be inamoratas, the righty sirens Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham.

More recently, The Eggman has avidly enabled such merchants of mendacity as Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe. That these men target people The Eggman doesn’t like, that is what is important, not whether their aim is true. The end is all; never mind the means. As I stated here once, when I suppose I must have been in a particularly cranky mood:

The Drudge Report is a fetid sewer of lies. Owned and operated by an illiterate closeted troglodyte known as The Eggman, its sole purpose is to sound as carny barker for the seamiest elements of the Republican Party. The truth is not in it. Those who rely on it as anything other than a running indicator of the current obsessions of the racists and retroverts who infest the rightbent precincts of this nation, are fools.

The Eggman is a profoundly—even proudly—ignorant and duplicitous person. He cannot spell, as is often evidenced in his headlines, and has no qualms at all about inscribing in those headlines assertions that are simply lies. And yet it is said that “[t]he media machine of Drudge and his conservative colleagues grows more powerful by the day,” and that “[t]he blunt truth is, Matt Drudge has probably had more influence deciding the political narrative in Washington than any individual in America[.]”

I have been waiting, over recent weeks, for The Eggman to start taking heat for his new-found fondness for offering links to websites maintained by Alex Jones. For Jones is beyond even the likes of Goldberg and Breitbart and O’Keefe and Inspector Javert’s elves. Jones is a genuine crackpot, a fervent 9/11-twoofer, a crazed basher of Jews. Put it this way: when you’re Charlie Sheen, and your mind is melting down like a tsunamied nuclear reactor, Alex Jones is the media guy you go to, there to air your “views.”

But so far: not a peep. The Eggman, it is becoming apparent, will be forgiven anything.

Alex Jones is where you land next after you’ve conditioned by the Art Bell/Whitley Strieber/George Noory people to believe any old crazy shit. Jones appeals to the sort of political illiterate who can’t name his or her own Congressmember, but is convinced s/he has shrewdly sussed out the sophisticated Plot by shadowy nefarious forces to Run All The World. Jones unashamedly feeds these people, as related here by a Jones acolyte at the Shriek Shack:

The Alex Jones comments rankle a bit. Yeah, some of it is way out there, but given the choice between the CNN/Fox version of 9/11, and alternative press versions, I’m going with the latter. You know for certain Corporate Media is never going to tell you the truth about anything.

Jones would tell you that the Rothschilds bankrolled Hitler and in large part have bankrolled pretty much every war one way or another over the last 100 years. There’s quite a bit of evidence out there to support that theory. I also have no doubt that they would have eventually taken out Hitler had he won the Second World War.

Although this person is a certifiable Jew-loathing CT nutter, he is still permitted to post over there at the Shack, because you can never have too many violent racists or St. Vitus-dancing Jew-haters on a “progressive” Democratic website.

Jones first turned the crank down there in Texas, ululating that Janet Reno had intentionally crisped the Branch-Davidians in furtherance of some New World Order. A couple years later I knew for a fact he was a raving nut, because he went into the Bohemian Grove, a place I personally know something about, and returned with a report breathing heavily that those folks are all about sacrificing children to Moloch.

Jones has the same obsession with the Bilderbergs as an incurable letter-writer to a newspaper where I once labored, this ink-stained wretch asserting, in each endless missive he submitted, that All Was Bilderberg Connected, from whatever international outrage of the day might be occurring, to the fact that we’d puckishly illustrated his most recent screed with a drawing of a clanking tank.

Jones produced the most recent release of Loose Change, that lodestone of 9/11 Twoofers, a film originally envisioned by its creator, Dylan Avery, as fiction . . . until he was convinced by CT nutter Philip Jayhan—who believes the world is run by a loathsome satanic cult that enslaves prominent politicians by delivering kidnapped boys for them to molest, and then blackmails them—to present it as twoof. Jayhan put up some money, Avery put out the film, and now millions of people who don’t know any better, believe it. (A massive and final obliteration of all things Change may be found here: a long, but very satisfying, read.)

That Jones is a cynical carny barker getting fat off the fear and ignorance of millions of people frightened and lost . . . well, he’s no different from legions of such people who’ve come before, in many times, many places. What is something new and different is that the website that it is said has “more influence deciding the political narrative in Washington than any [] in America[]” is now presenting his wares as if they are worthy. That puts us in a whole ‘nother world. I’ve tracked the Jones pieces to which The Eggman has linked; all of them pushed the envelope, all of them were speculative, always the speculation ultimately proved Wrong. But apparently such things no longer matter.

Forty-five some years ago, Bob Dylan observed: “you know something is happening/but you don’t know what it is/do you, Mr. Jones?” Well, Mr. Jones still doesn’t know what is happening. And thanks to Mr. Jones, and The Eggman, and all their many munchkins, soon maybe the rest of us won’t know what is happening, either.


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