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There’s Evolution In Them Thar Hills

The incredible—literally—smoothbrain Christine O’Kooky, the retired witch which 40% of the voters in Delaware wished to send to the United States Senate, repeatedly informed us that a grumpy guy named Yahweh created the world in “six 24-hour periods,” and that among the “hard evidence” that evolution is a fake and a fraud is that “monkeys [aren’t] still evolving into humans,” and she knows this to be true because she hasn’t seen it.

Well, all I can say is that O’Kooky ought to come out here to California. Then, if she’s brave enough, she can go out into the Sierra foothills, and there observe mountain lions evolving right before her very eyes.

On this page, and beyond the “furthur,” are pictures snapped by a “trail cam” on December 23 of last year, recording events that took place about 12 miles, as the puma bounds, from where I used to live. What they show is something that was heretofore believed not possible.

Mountain lions, you see, are supposed to be solitary creatures. Always they go their own way. Except when the woman decrees it’s Right to get jiggy with it, at which time “copulation is brief but frequent.” Mom will raise two or three cubs, but by the time they turn two she has kicked them right out. Males, when they encounter one another, invariably “hiss, spit, and may engage in violent conflict if neither backs down.”

Except in these pictures. Here, about eight of them are having a party around a cattle carcass. Clearly, and without telling anybody, mountain lions have decided to become pack animals.



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