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The Story Of O

When I recently wrote here about the folks of Brasstown, North Carolina, who celebrate the New Year by dropping a live possum in a plexiglass cage from the roof of a gas station, this blog’s faithful reader, possum, mentioned in the comments that he possesses a rich trove of photographs of the marsupial, pictured at work and at play.

Those photos have now been vouchsafed to me, and I am going to reproduce some of them here. Because it is wise, every now and again, to spend some time considering creatures that are not human beings.

Accompanying the photos are two texts that possum authored for the Shriek Shack, back in 2006, long before the level of shrieking there became truly unsane. The first piece describes the cruel and unusual uses to which contemporary Florida politicians put possums. The second recounts young possum’s lesson from his father on the necessity of consuming what one brings to earth.


Shakin’ All Over

Science Men, it must be acknowledged: relentless they are, in their ceaseless quest for knowledge.

Take wet dogs. It is Known that any Normal Person, when confronted with a wet dog, stands clear. Because a wet dog is totally self-absorbed. Interested only in shaking that water free, regardless of who all and sundry might be splattered or drenched.

But a Science Man moves in Closer. Because he’s there to Study. To determine, for example, if the physics by which a dog clears water might be useful in improving the efficiency of washing machines.


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