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Darrell Issa, the ten-term California Congressmember selected by the Republican Party to chair the House Government and Oversight Committee in the 112th Congress, is a racist.

Issa, shown in the photo to the left choking back vomit, typically his reaction when a black person enters his field of vision, was invited Sunday onto CNN’s State of the Union, to expound upon his preposterous remark to the racist hate-show host Runt Limprod that Barack Obama is “one of the most corrupt presidents of modern times.”

Issa, a deeply stupid person, who is, naturally, the wealthiest man in Congress, having become richer than Midas via deafening us all with car alarms featuring his voice commanding “please step away from the car,” immediately “clarified” his remark, stating that it is not Obama himself who is personally corrupt, but rather his administration.

Issa, who has promised to convene “seven hearings a week, times 40 weeks” to investigate Obama administration “corruption” that exists only in his otherwise empty racist head, then proceeded to drag his knuckles through a tangled soliloquy in which Obama became somehow responsible for the $1 trillion in TARP funds that Congress allocated during the reign of George II. Finally finding his footing, Issa concluded by boldly letting his racist flag fly:

“[W]hat happened was we gave President Bush [the money and] President Obama inherited $800 billion worth of walking-around money with no guidelines.”

“Walking-around money” has in recent years become a favored term in the racist rightist Republican lexicon, referencing petty bribes supposedly dispensed by white overseers in big-city Democratic party machines to their black street puppets—often said to be ministers, thugs, and pimps—in order that they might round up “the darkies” and shepherd them to the polls to vote for Dems. The racist Limprod, as an example, invariably invokes “walking-around money” when referencing such personages as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and any and all black officeholders in major American cities.

Darrell Issa is a racist asshole. In describing TARP funds as “walking-around money” in the pocket of President Obama, he is basically using racist asshole code to accuse Obama of being a pettily corrupt street pimp.

Issa was speaking to the racist assholes who form the core of the Republican Party, who will no doubt chortle mightily over the phrase in the coming days, via such foghorns as Limprod and Sean Klannity. He was also speaking to the not insignificant number of racists in the Democratic Party. Although of course the latter piously deny there is any racism among them. Come to think of it, the Republicans routinely issue the same sort of denials. In this, at least, the two are brothers in arms.


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