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Things I Cannot See

Winter Solstice time. Shortest, darkest day of the year.

This annum with an extra-special bonus full lunar eclipse. Rare combo, that. Haven’t seen the like for nearly 400 years. Last time was December 21, 1638, when Galileo was under house arrest, for the effrontery of suggesting that it was the earth’s circuit around the sun that resulted in just such phenomena.

The eclipse is proceeding as I speak. Of course I can’t see it, because of all these storms that Burning Man is bringing through here. But that doesn’t mean it’s not there, just ’cause I can’t see it. It’s there. Just like Anacaona is there.

There is a story that tells of a lunar eclipse in Cambodia, during the period of Nixon/Kissinger adventuring there. Now, Cambodians believe that a lunar eclipse is caused by a voracious celestial frog, attempting to devour the moon. Traditionally, the Cambodian people banged gongs and set off fireworks, to frighten the frog, drive him off, before he succeeded in swallowing the moon. But this time, gifted with all sorts of weaponry by the Americans, the Cambodian military fired off an estimated one million dollars worth of ordinance, in a successful attempt to prevent the frog from gorging on the moon.

I will not be firing any weapons or banging any gongs, to help the moon along its way. Instead I will seek Solas, in “Darkness, Darkness,” a song most fitting for this day.


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