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That’s Why I Love Mankind

The knickers, they are definitely in a twist, there on the Daily Doom. Yea, verily, surely it has always been so; but surely never more so than in the month since arrived the results of the November 2010 mid-term elections. An event that, there, has been variously portrayed as akin to Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow, the Mongol invasion of Europe, the fall of Rome, yea, even the coming Apocalypse itself.

The black man, it has been decreed, has Betrayed the People; and lo, they are Leaderless, and so they are Lost.

Frantically, then, there is scrabbling, for a New Way Forward.

Amid the endless procession of squealing grindings from this screaming organ, the monkeys today at the Daily Doom commenced the St. Vitus Dance around a breathless essay in which it was opined that the black man is actually Dangerous—the People, therefore, must “Focus,” must “Build Something Entirely Anew.”

And what might that Something be?

The essayist, initially, did not know. Nor, initially, did he know how to Get to that Something.

But soon, Deliverance, why, it was At Hand. In the form of a comment to the essay. Which the writer eagerly promoted to the body of his piece. As a brainshower of pure genius: “the kind of thing we need.” And here it is:

Pick a day, Mon-Thurs (the other days are weak news days).

Set a time, between, say, noon-6 pm.

Every person makes a little sign, even a piece of paper, with the words “I am taxed, but I am not Represented.” Or some such, we’d have to hammer that out. It has to be something common to all the factions. “Our Government Is Against the People” maybe. For now…

Okay, for as long as each one can on that day, in those hours, whether it be 5 minutes or 6 hours, people go stand outside their homes or workplaces. Or wherever they find themselves that day.

And hold that sign up. If we get people everywhere doing that, everyone will see it, and everyone will know everyone has seen it. Even media-creeps and DC-scum.

The advantages: completely non-dependent on the media, yet might force the media to address it. Doesn’t require people spend money and time they don’t have to go somewhere. Not susceptible to media-ploys, like focusing on the agents provocateur and stupid violent young men, instead of the vast crowd.

I think it would work, all we’d need is to go viral somehow. And that shouldn’t be too hard if people would think it is worth doing.

I read this, and I started laughing. And I couldn’t stop laughing.

Just couldn’t bring myself, though, to wade through the 1200 or so comments, to see if in all that muck there might not be at least one small boy, pointing at the emperor’s new clothes.

I figured I’d just be that small boy myself, here.

Because those people there on the Daily Doom, who consider themselves the very vanguard of the left, and thus the saviors of this nation, the world, and yea, verily, any and all universes, apparently now intend to transform themselves into teabaggers. Right down to the exact same words on the signs.



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