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With the 2010 mid-term elections less than 30 days away, both the ecstatic orgasmatrons and the woebegone flagellants are slowly starting to return to what passes in political people for Normal.

The midsummer dreams and nightmares of an apocalyptic political shift in which armies of wild-eyed teabaggers would swarm into Washington, there to repeal the 20th Century, fulfilling in this The Will Of The People . . . well, that must needs wait, it seems, for another day.

Wednesday on the Sean Klannity radio show, drug victim Ann Coulter flatly stated that GOoPers will not take the Senate, and ex-pressed no opinion on their prospects in the House. Klannity himself, who has spent several months breathing extremely heavily as the increasingly unhinged toe-sucker Dick Morris wildly ejaculated over 15-seat GOoPer gains in the Senate, and 100-seat gains in the House, opined that, in re the continuing delusions of Morris, he now envisions his role as “managing expectations.”

On what passes for the other end of the political spectrum, Dem defeatist Blackface Jane grudgingly admitted Thursday, over in the veal pen, that it looked to her like the Democrats would retain the Senate, and were within a seat or two of holding the House. Because she don’t like black people, she had to get in her little jabs about “the fish rots from the head,” yet still she conceded that it now appears that, come the morning of November 3, the Democratic Party will not reek of Complete and Total failure, as had been assumed by so many excitable boys and girls, left and right, even just a few short weeks ago.



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