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Bozo Nation

Christine O’Kooky, teabagger candidate for the US Senate in Delaware, has released her first television ad, in which she proclaims “I am not a witch.”

Yes, this is Real, and not South Park: the ad can be seen below the “furthur.”

First, however, it is necessary to additionally note that the O’Kooky candidacy is so bizarre, so completely beyond the imaginings of even the nation’s finest satirists, that her campaign this week actually had to admit that O’Kooky & Co. misspoke when they claimed that O’Kooky’s father had been Bozo the Clown.

Last Saturday, a profile of O’Kooky in the New York Times stated that O’Kooky’s father, Daniel O’Kooky, “worked a series of small television roles before scoring his signature gig—playing Bozo the Clown.”

The candidate’s brother, also known as Daniel O’Kooky, had told the Times reporter: “Bozo the Clown is a franchise, and back then, every major city had their own Bozo. [Daniel O’Kooky] was Philly’s Bozo for a time.”

But in the wake of this piece arose great rumblings from the nation’s Bozophiles, who averred that Daniel O’Kooky’s name appears nowhere on the sacred roster of Official Bozos. As will be seen below the “furthur,” Daniel O’Kooky was eventually forced to confess that in truth he had never been a true Bozo, but only a “fill-in Bozo.”

Meanwhile, down in Brazil, the people of that fine country have elected to Congress an actual clown, who campaigned on the slogan “it can’t get any worse.”

Au contraire. Clearly, this man has never been to America.



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